Friday, February 15, 2013

babe cny gathering

shey hwa house was just like it was last year when i last visited her.
full of great designs
a work of an art.
anyway we went there for steamboat on tuesday which is the third day of chinese new year.
i didn't quite remember where her house is so i had to fetch one of my bestie , jia wen there.

and we spent one hour thirty minutes waiting or maybe drooling for this (above pic)
looks soo delicious right? yum yum! i tell you everything was in place. we had bowl chopsticks sauce pot all in our places. so it was pretty organized unlike the steamboat i had over at my house. 

within the one hour and thirty minutes we watch jia wen curl her hair in this awesome bedroom like closet. yup, this whole bedroom is like a boutique store full of neat clothes hanging around. 
I've noted that into my "TO DO LIST after i get myself a house"

ok, i think somebody is going to catch me because of illegal gambling.
for the sake of chinese new year, gambling is a tradition.
we don't bid huge amount of money but we just did it for fun.
but , well, as good citizens of Malaysia, we didn't gamble (i deny the fact even though there are money lying around the floor , that was ang pow money. just in case i got into huge trouble)
no offence!

tadaa!! a clear picture of the bedroom like closet!
i spent my time looking at coats after coats
drooling at it 
getting my hands on it (even though it is rude to touch other people's stuff)

picture time! i haven't meet Xin Ning for approximately eight freaking months!! the last time i saw her was around May before she skips off to another state. 

my proud to own neck piece from vintage wardrobe.

and my current facebook profile picture.
yah, i've been getting loads of questions whether i dyed my hair or not.
nah uh, i didn't. those brown strands were due to excessive exposure towards the sun.
there, damage hair =brown hair=you dyed your hair!! XD

anyway! today is the last day of my chinese new year holiday!
had a crazy blast yesterday loosing approximately Rm12 but had to pay for somebody else's dinner.
will update about it at thursday!!

to all my blog readers! I only update my blog weekly, which is thursday night or friday night. 
i constrict myself to online only once a day to concentrate on my studies which is huge and important this year!
but i will take my time to visits each and every bloggers who left me a comment on my blog!
i will also follow those new followers who followed me!

love love



  1. well, try make one video about you playing piano~ XD

  2. i love your necklace! and you're really cute! hihi :)
    anyway, i hope you can join my valentine's day giveaway dear! it's open internationally :D

    Rae :3

  3. great photos!

    I play piano too. ;)

    + Maybe follow each other ? :)

  4. lovely photos, you guys look cute

  5. -.- we r going to have so much trouble x.x

  6. amazing look , loved how you combined those colors together , beautiful .


  7. omg whose closet is that! it would be hard for me too not to get my hands on stuffs like that :) and i adore your necklace :)

  8. seems like a fun cny gathering and u are right! gambling is a tradition! =p
    anyway.. curious what's a mutterfly. lol

  9. love love the neck piece and you look freaking cute in the last pics

  10. love your necklace!

    I really need your help to vote me to be the top 10 favorite.

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    Thank you so much for your help!

    X.O.X.O Merlyn

  11. thanks for the visit!! we have the same name except then mine has an 'e' behind. haha. By the way, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  12. AMAZING!!
    Would you like to follow each other?!


  13. Wow, you look really beautiful! I especially love the first picture of you trying to play the piano. This dress is also pretty good ~

  14. Lovely post xx

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  15. hope can follow me too

  16. you look gawjus! looks like you had alot of fun:)
    plz check out my new blog and tell me what you think about it:) it'll really help me <3

    kisses NZ <3

  17. Love your statement necklaces!


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