Monday, February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year Day one

hello guys! i finally get my new year dress and clothes and everything!! thanks to my sister who appeared with a bag of clothes!! oh my god, i was expecting only a peplum blouse from her but it turn out she brought LOADS for me! i can't help biting my nails in excitement when i stare at that pile of clothes. 
anyway this is my outfit for my first day of chinese new year!!

all the grandchildren! (well not quite, we missed out three of my cousins from KL)
we didn't do much because my second aunt wasn't there and my third aunt only happen to come to my grandma house at night. so my sister suggested that we go back alor star to visit my mum's side aunt.
and for the first freaking time i drove my dad's big long car from Alor Star to Perlis like a boss using the remote area road.

we visited the temple early in the morning. me and my sis wore the same blouse .
so back to my driving experience. 
first of all, i had never use my car to drove such long distance in such narrow and busy road.
secondly, i have never even bothered looking at the road. 
and i manage to figure out the road back .
phew, thank god we didn't get lost.

me and my bro and my sister.
again, everybody said i'm the older sister.
woots, do i look like i'm 26 years old? T.T 

one whole shot of us in our grandma house.
mummy not her T.T
using my camera stand and my self timer shot. 
well, i didn't get much of "ang pow" this year because i didn't stay long in Perlis to do some visiting . 
so poor.

ahaha don't ask me why is there a chair over there.

one final picture

ok here's my ootd
peplum blouse: Bugis Street , Sg
Pink shorts: P.Co frm Padini
Strap heel: Summit
rabbit polkadot headband: Cotton On
Necklace: Vintage Wardrobe

i wish you all a happy chinese new year!!! 
more updates coming soon! today is the second day of chinese new year and obviously there are more pictures!!
gonna go for a steamboat gathering tomorrow
chinese new year really makes me fat!
all i do and all i think was to eat and eat and probably eat in my dreams too

anyway! wish you guys a happy chinese new year!



  1. hahahaha why there is a chair over there? LOL :P
    Happy CNY!
    love your peplum lace top :)
    and sorry for not following back for a long time :(
    always thought new follower is the following back user :P
    sorry sorry sorry :(

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! I love your lace top and the pink shorts! :)

    DAINTY CHIC by Loila L.

  3. So lovely photos. I like your outfit. :)
    Thanks for commenting, followed you back. :)

  4. you are very pretty! those photos are really great , i love your blog!,i am your new follower on gfc,on bloglovin and fb,would you like to follow each other?

  5. cute outfit dear! :)

    Jamie Kate
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  6. Happy new Chinese year! I love your pictures, the chair is funny but ads a lot to them :p
    I am following you now ;)


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