Thursday, February 21, 2013

First CNY gathering of my Form six life !

it has been ages since the whole group of us had atcually went out together again! it's like six months since our last hang out, and tadaa, that day has come during the sixth day of Chinese New Year!
we decided to meet up at Shu yee (my new friend!) 's grandmother house!
and here's a group shot of us in the bedroom after the girls wanted to have a bath before continuing the night.

a group shot of us girls! from left: me, lai yein (also my new friend!), Shu Yee, Shireen, esther, Jesslyn, Shue Tin and shu ping!
i came pretty early around two in the noon where there are hardly anyone there. we get one extra ang pow (red packet) more than the others, a reward for coming early perhaps? 
we settle down to play some cards which i handsomely earned a few dollar notes.

the boys! 
tallest to shortest?

tadaa! what we had been doing all day!
i became broke at the end of the day . 

so after we play to the fullest, we went up the room for a girl camwhore session. 
while waiting for a few girls to dress up, we snap and snap all day. 
i had a phone call from mum asking me if i had reach my destination or not.
i asked what time she expect me to be back . so she says my curfew is before twelve midnight!
i can't believe my ears, because normally i would just stay up till ten thirty and make my way back!
i had the same curfew as my sister.

after that we got hungry so we went to Viet Cafe to eat. 
i have no idea who suggest this place, because i always ate there and the food had deteriorate trough out the years. 
i didn't know why i didnt voice out to go Asioki instead. 
but anyway, eating in groups is sooo much fun!
after that we went to blackball for some dessert.

and here are a few shots of what we are doing in the bedroom. 
meet my new tall skinny friend! Lai Yein!

esther and me! 
thanks esther for uploading it!

outfit of the day!!

Hat: Material (hundred percent eco-friendly material)
Peplum Top: Bugis Street, Sg
Shorts: P.Co from Padini
red strap wedge: Summit
Bag: kiosk from Queensbay

a very scary looking me
anyway, i went back home at eleven. i didn't want to push my limits too far even though my mum agrees that i had to be back just before twelve.

well,just before we left for Viet Cafe,  my car couldn't accelerate. i went panic stricken. luckily i carried Shireen by my side, but i feel embarrassed that she had to bear with my car problem. it started drizzling and i quickly phone Dan who was the only car remaining (the others had sped off)
he tried my car, it didn't work, but we had to be at Viet Cafe cause the other is waiting.
damn, my heart felt like it has just drop off my car seat.
so after offing the air conditioner in my car, wind down the window, the car works like a boss
but , again, i feel embarrassed to have to let my friend bare with it.

the next day, i had it repair. Rm510 god damn money splurge on it just to repair one air con pump.
i pity my dad.



  1. ahaha what a good girl going home before midnight :D
    what a fun day you had with your friends :)
    love your top and your bag!

  2. looks like such a fun day!
    love your top!
    seems like you celebrate chinese new year for the whole week?
    for me it's only two days (or three) haha

    happy weekend
    style frontier

  3. Really great work :) Hope you like my comments.

    xx Domenic

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  5. Hi! Thanks for the comment and the follow. I follow you back ;) I like your blog and you're pretty! Heehee.
    Happy very late Chinese new year to you!! You seem like had a great CNY gathering :D
    And, meow back! =^w^=

  6. Wow, hope you had fun on that day! And your outfit really looks like summer because now I'm having winter and much snow in my hometown - makes me kinda sad, hehe.

  7. U look really nice! :))

    Thanks for the nice comment, also follow!

    Stella x

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  9. you guys are so adorable! i miss such big group gatherings with my friends >_<
    seems like u had a lot of fun :)) !

  10. WOW , Amazing those shoes are killers , Love em ,
    you look great like all your other posts ,

    Am following you with GFC , Wanna follow me back ?


  11. You all look great!
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    Enchanted Ana


  12. Great Blog!

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  13. well nothing to embarrassed about la. things happened.
    and it is a good experience for your fren. XD

    and why you are in all boy school while u are a girl? lol

  14. It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

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  15. cute pictures! all of you look great :)

  16. You guys seem like a cool bunch!

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  17. You guys are so adorable!! looks like so much fun ..


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