Thursday, February 25, 2010


Anybody had any idea that i exist in Youtube?? YooHoo?? anybody??/
ok..that's very quiet..

i didnt noe that youtube could be sooo boring after you watch video after video of ppl doing covers, making fun of celebrities, or even talk about themselves all day ( i did that too..that's called a vlog)

Hey, infact i think doing a violin cover for some popular songs could be more ..ME!
please watch me playing Bad Romance on my out of tune violin (yeah i noe, its out of tune...)but its from my ear..and i have done ssooooo many retake that i nearly smash the violin on the table...GRR..there's sooo many disturbance..

So other then doing violin covers, i  have a lot of guitars cover that i am very ashamed off..and i have done one piano cover that i think nobody had done that cover yet..its NO WAY the unpublished song sang by Lady GaGa...then IM THE FIRST ONE!!!!

Then i got bored and talk to myself infront of my video's soo addictive that i forgot how time flies and i found out i have spoken at least twenty am i going to post a twenty minutes VLOG out at youtube? absurb right?
( so i have to limit myself...i shall talk and talk while im at school then..there's sooo many might be wasted not to hear me talk right?)

and then i spent most of the time finding new songs so i could do another violin cover..i only do fast tracks as slow one could be dead boring...the only prob is that i always ended up with zero result..tooo bad...i didnt uploaded anything new recently..

and oh yeah, i got my original song..too!! i wrote lots and lots of songs..but it can only be played on the piano..there are only a few that could combine with the guitar but it always sound soooo lackluster..urgh,..
sooo..i doubt anybody is reading this...HELP PROMOTE i dream of working in a studio, help ppl record their labels..i wish to work like is the base for me..good myself..

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