Thursday, February 11, 2010

who am i?

i am sooo nobody, recently i just found out that i could talk about myself without getting tired infront of my Ipod video recorder..gosh, it's so addictive talking to myself infront of a small piece of gadget that i've ever had..

so, who am i atcually? normally teengaers aren't that great in identifying themselves, neither do i..but as years gone by and now im stepping into some new year that i learn how to grow into a more mature and thinkable young lady (didnt it sound old?)

So, im not 16...YET and i later decide that i will always follow the trend of a fashion addict but will not dream of myself falling into the fashion industry because i have no idea how to draw...I have discover that i really love music technology (working behind the scenes inside a studion, audio editing or record people's label or made some pretty awesome music)

 Have you realize that when you're younger then 16, you think dresses are awful? you wouldn't want to be seen dead wearing heels and your big sister's big floral dress.. you rather ought for something emo, black is your new ghetto..but when you're older..

"i want a dress!! i want punps!! i want at least a high waist skirt or dresses!" there, this is what a normal 16 years old girl would go on yakity yak yak away to their friends..feminine? i do think so, but maybe it's because a girl is a girl anyway..they finally realize what DO look great on their body..

So, when younger teenagers looked at older teenagers, they will started talking saying that this girl must be going all out to impress guys..But i will get that point straight! WE DONT DRESS UP FOR THE DUDES TO SEE! WE DRESS TO FEEL COMFORTABLE FOR OURSELVES! Juniors, there will be a day when you finally wake up and think that you are too old for you shirts and shorts..and sneakers..

i remember that when i was fourteen, i and my groupies would laughed as we heard someone our age wore make up outside and dressing like she wants to go to a ball..I shall take back my words now as i know it's no big deal dressing to please ourselves..who cares if you dress with fishnets and low cut tee's or had on a GAGA wig, it's who you are..dressing up is to express ourselves..(besides music)

so, whenever im feeling down, i would really need to go shopping! Really, a great shopping could please me and i will never get sick looking at dresses from top to bottom.. here to talk about who am i and i ended up talking about teenagers turning point of maturity..
anyway..just to tell you guys straight..i have a small pair of eyes (yes, you may sleep looking at it) and a long nose ( are you thinking of Ronald Weasley's nose?) and a very small mouth that contains metals and wires..(braces, geddit???) i am five feet one and a half inch tall, weigh about 92 pounds and had hairs that certainly is a pest to me..

so who am i? To all teenagers at this point..they certainly had no idea who they are and what's the point of living in this world ..My opinion, i strictly had no idea who am i ..too...


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