Thursday, February 25, 2010

My beloved ORIGINAL novel (rated 16 above)

I was thinking of spoiler if i wrote whatever drops of words is in my masterpiece..but who cares? because it will never be publish..just unless my mum find me a publisher or an agent..fat chance..
Note: This is an elite story of upperclass adolescents..

The story start with Ava who is sooo lonely and desperate that she wanted to give a try to smoke..What she didnt know was that her long lost best friend had just came back from rehab and saw what she was trying to do..
So the story patch back..All Ava know was her best friend, Sarah went to rehab for kicking a guy's groin and made him impotent..ouch..and she had a case of drug abuse..Ava was left alone when Sarah dumped her best friend without telling her which rehab centre she went or what so ever detail about her..
and now Sarah is back..

Things get better when they agreed to make peace and the story twist into another love story..Ava had this huge crush on this guy name Jason whom real identity is a hotel heir ..He changes his name to make sure nobody knows because he didnt want any special treatment..(a not blond Hannah Montanna?)
Jason hadnt had his first girlfriend yet..(surprise..he's 17!!)

Ava seemed really original and non-faker like the other girls in his elite school, so he give it a try to ask this girl out..and it worked...(C'mon, Ava's parents are the biggest bussiness branch in her city)..
Neither did Ava know that Jason had a loads of secrets behind him..
is she really his FIRST girlfriend?

Meet Ed Tresswood, Jason's cousin who had been living with him since he was a toddler in diapers..His late father owns three clubhouses, one basketball team and five restaurants..(So, Ed is RICH)..
The con side? Ed is well known as the Prince of Cassanova as he seduces almost every girl her walked past..(cant blame his look, it's soooo seductive)..
Ed had this obsession of recording his "one night stand' each time he brought someone home, he got all the tapes in the cupboard (More then his POSH clothes)..

So, One day, Ava went to where Jason is staying, (the hotel of course) she went to look over Ed's room. She saw a whole strech of tapes with all sorts of girl's name over the label..She spotted one label that didnt have a name but instead..acronyms..J T S V...
out of curiousity, she went to view it (Which is very STUPID) and caught a big surprise as she saw Jason (much ragged looking) and her best friend, Sarah Vincy (surprise!) on the bed...(that's gotta be interesting)..

So now you get the secret right? Jason and Sarah seems to have a history behind them, and Ava didnt know..(well, who would want to know?)
Ava confided Jason and he told her it was his past and he didnt even know who Sarah was..He was too drunk and he was overdose with drugs..Sarah was also heavily dosed and the two happened to be next to each other at the clubhouse..(so, you get the picture right?)

Ava was sooo angry that she went out with Kyle who seemed to be the male version of Mother Theresa...
But he's not that holly from what he claims to be..He turn out to be fantasizing( bad one) her ever since he met her trough the community meeting..
Then, Sarah and her cliques of friend plus the guys came and rescue her as Ava was pushed into Kyle's car..
too bad huh? Ava was drove out of town, her worst fear was at the East side where her mother had warned her not to go there since small ..(but Ava go there once in a while coz Jason lived there)

Ed was the only one with driving liscence, and the car could only fit an extra one person..(you guess it, Jason was the one that went)..They were after the car and soon they reach a very remote area that even local people like Jason couldnt identify where they were..

Then the car stopped and Kyle came out from the car with a knife on Ava's neck..He threatened to slit her throat if they come any nearer to her...He brought Ava through the trees and Jason dialed the cop number quickly (why didnt he do that earlier?)

Conclusion,(well, i didnt get to continue the story yet..)Ava was half-raped..(not completely) as the cop seemed to find their way there..Ville city is not tthat big...
so how do we end a story like that? Did she get back with Jason? Did she still keep Sarah as her friend..(they waren't atcually cheating on happend six months ago)
i derno how to end this story..i have left it hanging like that..

which is a PAIN...

(author of Elite Secrets)

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  1. Haha ;D COolly AWESOME ;D Nice storyline ;D Have the chance to publish ;D Maybe...Dunno I'm wondering what'll happen after that?...Erm...???Haha good luck ;D


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