Thursday, February 4, 2010 gotta love em

Well, school's started...all my friends are seperated..well not all, but only me...It's obvious didnt it? That i was the only one that didnt get through great grades but they do and now they left me leaving my own life with another clique of friends which are NOT YET my Bff... Nah, i wasnt complaining about let's get this straight...i have two Bff which i found highly amusing to atcually intruduce them inside my blog..

Let's meet them:

OCY ( She kills me if i wrote her name out here..exspecially in red!) so she's the school prefect..a futsal freak and a Miley freak..well, the only things we had in common is that we talk nothing but crap stuff..she loves to be funny..and i love listening to people who are funny..she's about five feet four and recently dyed her hair brown during the holidays..( now it's black, after all, she's a prefect) okay, so this is how she works out for me..

  • We walk around the school every every morning during the holidays we cycle around the houses every every evening ( not to mention making new friends with a pug dog named SexY..)
  • We walked each other to where we wanna go we always share about the magazines and our favourites.. oh wow..i can only think of four..but i know we had A LOT to talk about..and i am very glad that she stills come and find me once in a while...i appreciate her a i would never find another as crazy as her..WAKAKA

Nicole is nothing but a great listener and a great person to talk to...She's a great swimmer, great in English, and not a rule-breaker ( of coz!) she had been my bFf for like two years ( more then OCY) and my mum knows her which is even better becoz we could hang out even more... We talk a lot about a lot of things..i have no idea what we talk about anyway.. We use to gabber and blabber about this and that We use to imitate people's walking or dance or other it's hilarious) I went to her house twice...XD ( nuthin to be proud of but i am!!) I know, there's a lot a gabbering ..but we cant stop talking anyway...I appreciate her a i would never find another as talkative as her..WAKAKA
our form teacher (2009)
Nicole on the on the left..

me and Shireen Yong..we used to be best friend back in 2008..i dont noe what happen after that..

this is SuYin who had been playing the violin with me since form she's the cellist and our string leader..O hail, senior!

erm..i do look weird here..Wei Ying is even weirder...she is now our keyboard leader.


I hope it would not be the's really hard to find real friends at this kind of stage and i was hoping even more uproaring journey with them! Dont let the class seperation affect us..please..Boo HOo

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