Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

So how's new year guys? Awesome? Boring? Well, it's better this year because i think i had a better hair (last year was short and i hated it every second..)

so this year, i have a very huge dilema of what to wear during the first's the first time i take branded stuff seriously but who cares about expensive stuff when they don't even know you're wearing one of them? i was planning to stay in my Grandma's house which is in Perlis (the Northest side of Malaysia) and have a duet cover with my Singapore cousin ( she only come back here annually, wouldnt want to miss a chance)

So, we had this CNY (chinese new year) tradition where we always watch ghost shows together, eat ice cream and at night, my aunt will treat us cereals, .but this year? erm..there's a lot of difference in this year..we turn out ..

  • watching concert shows which kept repeating each day ( you know what ASTRO is famous for)..

  • stuffing our face infront of the laptops..(no Internet, but we got hook on playing Comp games)..i was playing the Sim 2, and now having an obsessive addiction towards the clothing section where my cousin had download lots of amazing collection..AARGH!!

  • playing with the dog, whom belongs to one of my cousin in KL and they name the dog Bobby..he's a shih tzu and he's really very obedient..( we got sooo bored that we were thinking of teaching it how to play poker) po-po-po-po-poker dog..

So, we had do a lot of visiting...and i had take lots of pichas...with my cousin of course..HEHE
this is my favourite cousin, Regina...who lives in Singapore and had an amazing voice and happen to be 13 going 14 this year..
we were sooooo bored that we went to the beach (its not exactly a beach, its a port) and there was a huge playground we decided to give a go with the see see saw atcually is equal! that prooves our weight...

my dad didnt get a goodnight sleep so he ended sleeping at the back of the house , in the middle of the road and under the tree..great place huh?
and then we ended up visiting our relatives houses..this is the house where we called it 'the chicken house' because it's like a farm there..and we even watch a 11 year old boy playing mahjong with his folks..greeat..
i was soooo bored that i snap my ya doin, spongebob?
the weirdest cousin( On the right) didnt appear to have any fault..

so how's my Cny huh? pretty boring huh?


  1. Hey, where did you buy that socks from?? And Bobby really look like he was trying to play those cards lah....Lolx!!!!
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  2. Hey ;D Regina here ;D blogie ;D Haha okay ...I'm your favourite cousin meh?Plus my voice sucks stop telling the world...very paisei eh ;D haha ok erm... yeah thanx for da pics ;D love ya!Agree on the uneventful new year....wish it could be the same as our childhood times ;D


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