Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Have you all heard of Dresslink before?
well i never heard of it until they contacted me, 
i'm like thinking, oh not another one of those wedding gown dress stores again *roll eyes*
but then i was taken aback after clicking on their website
are you serious?!
3 USD for such a beautiful dress?
3 USD is like RM10.50
yes, and they have tons of reviews and customer's photos too so that you won't have doubts on their quality or how they turn out to be in real pics.

Here are some of my favorite low budget list of clothings that i like from their wonderful online store
this is only 6.80 USD :D i like the floral prints on this dress! they even come in four sizes, M-XL which is really great for those who are plus size. 

this is also one of my favorite with inner padding somemore :D
i've seen this before at a local online store and it's selling around rm69!?
this is only around 8 USD which is rm28 

They also have a daily flashsale going on everyday 
i saw two crop top that i like which is selling at 0.01 USD yesterday (too bad i am too late to buy it, their flash sale ended today)
this is a few flash sale items that i like
This is 5 USD which is still pretty cheap if i convert it
plus the material is high right comfy! (according to customer reviews)

Yes! this is only 0.01 USD! its like a free giveaway clothes ! (of course you still need to pay shipping, but hey! it's all worth it)

they also sell bags too
this beautiful bag for only 4.83 USD? what a steal!
i was pretty intrigue in this bag because obviously i would love to bring it to class as a school bag
not only this, they are selling messenger bags, handbags, clutches, wallets, shoulder bags , anything you can name (:

they even sell shoes too!
this to die for boots cost around 8 USD only 
=.= if u ever convert it , it's only rm28 

well dresslink is by far the cheapest site i ever come across (yes S*mmy*ress site are still nt low price as this yet)

how about their shipping?
they ship worldwide (: 
and the period of shipping varies depending on which country u been to. 
Like mine, it takes about 10-25 days to reach here with 10.98 USD/per kg as shipping fee
(so ya, it's best to buy A LOT, so that your shipping fee is all worth it, imagine buying a 3 USD top and you have to pay 10 USD to have it ship to you.)

They even provide you a dropship service too :D
which is great for newly opened business (for those who want to start up their online store)

do check out Dresslink here:

Disclaimer: NO, my Fash Grace online store is not collaborated with this store (: i take my own stock locally 



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