Friday, March 6, 2015

whole lot of truckload

I am here
again pondering with strings of midnight thoughts 
this semester i'm thrown in with 10 subjects (still waiting for one of the subject timetable so that i can choose which to drop)
because 10 is enough to kill,
yeah you can take 10 or 12 or even 16 subjects for SPM and here i am saying 10 subjects can kill
well try taking it together with assignments (some can even be weekly assignments!) and you try to juggle your time and see!

still rendering,
do ignore

okay, here's a string of TO-DO list so that i can ease my mind
my mind seem to be jammed out , the only thoughts floating around it is "YOU HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO"

so i decided to just list it out to be sure i am thinking straight

FORMAL(this week)

  • Draft for Hubungan Etnik (seeing that i do have foreign readers too, Hubungan etnik is Ethnic Relationships) this is 20% group work, Do find reference books, jot down what you know of Indian Culture in marriage 
  • Memorize the god damn Hiragana thing. =.= i admit i HATE language, i am NEVER good in language subjects. I just take up Japanese to fulfill my units and if i ever had a chance i will drop it. Trust me, i will. 
  • read on Media Conglomerate (no idea whats that but i have presentation on that VERY soon)
  • BLOODY DO your print media and electronic media two piece A3 papers with beautiful art work of mind mapping thingy like a boss! you have less than 20 days to finish that up, you are doing it alone, you are SCREWED.
  • Prepare English presentation , persuasive speech, i think i'll be talking about plastic surgery by promoting it . (no copy copy this topic frm me nah! wahaha)
  • start printing borang soal selidik for Core of Entrepreneurship. Start finding for businessman with at least a diploma holder. START IT NOW! go! get your butt off the seat and go find some human being with a cert!
  • read on Rancangan perniagaan (no idea where to start for this)
  • start to think of ideas for Visual Communication. what can food do with society =.= 
  • start to think of which famous art figure to interview (i am HAPPY i get to go WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL as one of my project work! happy girl)

9 things to do this week. (: good luck ! You know when assignments start to pile up, you have no time to study for your midterm of final at all. Last minute cramping may resort in laziness to care about it anymore, which is..not good at all

too many stuffs ..zz
okay okay that's only the FORMAL list of to-do 
here's an informal one about my hobbies, my vanity to keep myself looking gorgeous *flips hair* (jokin, dont throw eggs at me unless they are cooked) 

involves alot of money T_T all my hard earn money frm last year will be gone now

  • buy a guitar with a build in tuner =.= i've been wanting that since last year till now. Don't tell me i have two guitars at home! those aren't even acoustic, they are classical and both in a really really bad shape judging that it has been passed down by my family members. 
  • buy capo (yay, no more hard chords, okay i'm lazy, don't look at me lydat)
  • go Empro
  • get a milkshake from milkshake factory (LOL, is that even essential? wahahaha to me i've been craving for that since like forever!)
okay, not as many as the previous list. I need to go the ONLY place that offers all these four things = Gurney
Now MyTeksi is having promo, only rm5 for a ride to Gurney, like holy macaroni do u know if u use other cabs, they charge about rm20 to get to Gurney 

btw i need to do the informal list as soon as possible, i need the guitar badly
reaaaaallly badddly (can you hear the level of desperation in that tone? no?)

but Dan is NEVER free to go Gurney, (talk about the journey, his schedule, i can't even get my freaking Pizza from Tekun Hostel for two weeeks already)

so i'm going to do it solo! i will be independent! (still convincing myself that i am , but i am of course not) *cries in one corner*  

So let's end this BORING *yawn* post and here's my facebook profile picture of the week. 

goodnight (: it's 1 am, i'm glad i cleared off half of what i'm thinking over here in this blog

shit, i'm still craving for a milkshake


  1. Don't overwork yourself! Take it easy :)!! Hopefully, you will get everything done! My fingers are crossed for you~

  2. Hey, lovely blog!
    Wanna follow each other??


    Waiting for you darling!!

  3. Totally agree with Jenny: do not overwork yourself! Take time to breathe and relax :)
    You got this!

  4. Good luck Ann...Japanese easy to learn but the exam is not as simple as you think...hahaha..btw...all the best..

  5. Great post! I hope everything will be fine.. good luck and cheer up!

    Would you like to follow each other?
    let me know on my blog if you follow me, and I will follow you back after it.
    thank you! ^^~

    Tom and Tins Blog

  6. go destress ad feel better <3

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