Friday, March 27, 2015

List to do again

Yes, i wish i have time for a selfie, but nah, here's and old pic to make you roll your eyes back and say "i seen that before"

so instead of taking the time to plan on my assignments and all that, i choose to write my blog instead
like ._. shouldn't i use this time to do something more proactive. 
Okay, well, i need to remind myself and plan things well again because there is JUST TOO MUCH STUFF in my brain that needs to be sorted
so here goes, 

the list, where it will make my coursemates HATE me WAHAHAHAH

Formal list to do ~

  • PREPARE persuasive speech for this coming MONDAY English class. 
  • PREPARE scrapbook for JAPANESE (in my case, i need to find info within these few days, bookmarked all the sites i find interesting, start to plan my layout of the paper)
  • INTERVIEW profile Keusahawanan (you know you are doom when you cannot go back home for three weeks and you have to find another person to interview here at PENANG, god please help me)
  • WUS expo (like i don't bother, okay skip this pls) prepare Presentation for this (well let's just forget this at the moment)
  • FIND A MOVIE to review for visual communication. (in my case i rather choose advertisement, hehe cuz it's short )
  • Rancangan Perniagaan (thanks to Dan's roommate, i hope i can alter it well :D)
  • DRAFT and idea, using FOOD as object and having it to link to society. =..=(i roughly had an idea of it, but i don't know how to actually produce it)
  • LISTENING TEST for Japanese is coming soon (please study)
  • Star TYPING for my interview with Michael Uglyman for my World Music's coursework. (i am sooo glad i got this interview done in advance! really am grateful for him to spend his time talking to me about his music background)
so far there are 9 to do things, i am sooooooooooo exhausted. 

well let me take you back to two weeks ago
i had been going to and fro up and down from hostel to practically everywhere
Yet, okay i don't really hate it because it has something to do with what i like

okay, but it can really be exhausted! i am so glad Akustika CG was over now and i can get bck on track again(not really there, stil trying to convince myself i am back on track)

goodness my eyes are closing now, Ann , you have to finish writing this!
*stick matchsticks on my eyelids*
no informal list this time, sorry but i am playing too many roles for these whole month

plays the guitar (which people thought i am a guitarist,which i do not call myself one, seeing that i play badly and do not progress at all. it is just like a person who has a DSLR and you called them a professional photographer. Nah, it doesn't work that way. Just because i just bought a new guitar, i am not a guitarist)

Plays the piano (ain't complaining, hehe but i am glad my role for this was over last wednesday)

Plays the violin (for next week composing competition)

Plays the seller (started my online shop, because i am BROKE. yes this time i am doing it for the sake of money. gotten myself into a big problem when my hostel stop receiving parcels from post office, so yea, it is a HUGE problem after all, i do not like to delay my customer goods, zz and i can't go back for two weeks omygawwwwd, i really hope my sister can help me out now)

and i wish my goods will be like this again, closing it twice (1 month) for one whole year is not really a good thing haha, it really makes your customer forgets about you . 

Plays the girlfriend (hahahaha =..=) no, seriously, even though i am hell lot busy this semester, i still want to meet him. and okay lah, healthy relationship mean a meaningful conversation. i still need to go pak tor (dating) wan okay? hahahaha

Plays the psychotic driver i find that driving is pretty exhausting now =.= seriously, i am sick of driving. everyday find parking, see petrol level, test my driving skills, turn here turn there. 

Plays the student my life is a bore.
Not to mention, i am so busy, i forgot my towel, forgot to bring formal wear, forgot to bring this, forgot to bring that. i think i also forgot to bring my brain (well, maybe half a brain seeing that i can still process and type this thing out)

Here's a bee in a sock to add 10 more years of your life (:




  1. nice photos:) have a lovely weekend!

  2. Lovely shots!

  3. Great post!

  4. You really have a lot to do! Good luck and please don't overwork yourself! :)
    Jenny <3

  5. Good luck in everything! USM is so good. Can't even find a piano to play here TT

  6. You look so cute !


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