Friday, February 27, 2015

My Valentine's Day trip

Hi, how y'all doing? hehe
how did you all celebrate Valentine's Day? i know it's been a long ago story but i think i HAVE (let me emphasize the word) to blog about it to keep the memories fresh
(all my old post had a bug so all my old pics are gone ...cryyyy)

Well, this is our Me and Dan, my boyfie for what seems to be forever. haha
at first everything was well plan, we decided to go down to KL with my sister so that she can meet up with her husband too . 
we had already booked the flight ticket but then Dan told me he couldnt make it 
welll, he try to make it happen in the end and arrive just in time for the dinner
(well, better than he didnt turn up anyway)
okay, so i must be grateful, let's skip all the sad part and jump into the bandwagon, shall we?

So we went to Hubba Hubba at Sentral for our Valentine's dinner. 
It's a seven course japanese dinner. 
at first i saw the Facebook page and i was like 
oh it's just like an ordinary cafe look-alike that happen to be in KL blah blah
i ate my words back when i see how beautiful and GRAND this restaurant is . 
did i mention we were suppose to be sitting outside enjoying candlelight dinner seeing the view from above 

but then it started yeah , boo hoo to great view outside
but inside is alot cooler and quite comfortable, plus the boys get to watch their movie again . haha

Credits to Hubba at Sentral for the pics

really nice right? the ambience and all (:
wait till you see what it looks like at night

Beautiful :D
So the sister made a collage for the night
that's her friend with her date(not in picture)

The evening started well, with alot of photo taking, the boys are engrossed with the movie they played out at the screen
i wish i can upload all the food pictures here but dang
i really hate iphone

Me and Dan (: 
haha if you look closer, that shirt he is wearing has ANT prints on it. It's like he is wearing me because my name is Ann, and everybody has been calling me names lie "Ant" or "semut"

This is my vegetarian sister with her vegetarian pizza. HAHAHAHA it's bigger than her face. 
well she thought she wasn't able to eat most of the seven course dinner but it turn out there were a few that she can eat too, so in the end everybody had a fair share with this pizza haha. 

The food was great but there were a few i couldnt eat like Beef and green tea pudding, i wish i can change that but it turn out it can be exchange for another but it's quite too late for me to change because i did try a little bit of the side ingredients. T_T there goes my main course~~

(following food pictures are from Hubba at Sentral fb page)
am sorry i don't know what the dishes are called. 

first course~
it taste pretty good, infact it open my appetite to eat more later on haha

This was my favorite of all, well i can eat pretty much everything from it. anyway see that stick there? it can be eaten too! :D

well this is beef
T_T i am very sad i cannot enjoy their main course because of religion, i do not eat beef
but this man (below)

yea, my sister's husband ate three of our main course
look how happy he is when he get to eat 3 of the dishes

This was pretty good too! i'm quite happy seeing this after i couldnt enjoy their main course for the night

this seem to be garlic fried rice? haha but by the time we were so full i ate around it picking at my food. 
the tempura taste good though
and well this is MY photo btw. 

and the last course is the green tea pudding (it somewhat looks like pudding) didn't have picture here but i couldn't taste it seeing that caffeine encourages panic attack. 

our group picture of the night at Hubba Hubba
it was pretty dark actually , but my sister's camera work wonders. 

See the beautiful view from Hubba Hubba
it's not that tall but you can see pretty much everything here :D
i am sooo glad to experience this dining 
seeing that i came all the way from Kedah or even if i'm studying at Penang, 
i dont think i can find anywhere like here. 

well thank you to my sister and her friend for bringing us there. 
Happy Valentine's day to Dan too for flying all the way here even if you have to burn the previous ticket. 
It'll be another milestone we had reach 
and yea, it's only our 2nd Valentine's Day together (by right it should be 3rd but we didn't get to celebrate the first one together)
it has been a pleasure meeting you
okay, well i used to write like reallly really long post dedicated just for him
but seeing that i have already been with Dan for almost 3 years now, there are so many words that are already spoken WAAHAHHA
i'm so sorry if i cannot express it in words anymore
but you know my heart does, Dan!
i really do appreciate everything you did for me
thinking that there are sooo many other stuff to turn your back on me but you chose not to
i am still wondering what make you love me
but i have tons of reason why i still love you
abit geli now that i write it out
cheers guys!


Hubba at Sentral:


  1. Ann ... this is a sweet post, it looks like you had so much fun. I'm glad you and Dan were able to spend it together.

    By the way, you might be lucky to have Dan but don't forget he's lucky to have you too ♡

  2. You look so cute!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  3. Great photos!

  4. Romantic setting for valentines! very nice! :)

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