Wednesday, June 18, 2014

worthy book review

Bello, i bet people would go like..books? seriously? *yawwn* i don't read books, i hate books, blah blah, no lah , serious, this time it's not just a typical book review 
it's more than that, it can help you save money even though you have to spent about rm29 or rm29.90, eventually you know those rm29 can make you save alot when you are outside either eating or shopping. 

still don't know what i'm talking? scroll down (: 

Worthy book
yesss, its a voucher book! with more than 175+ vouchers in one book, i think my eyes go bling bling awhile
i knew about worthybook awhile ago and i thought it was a magazine or what, then i realized it's actually a voucher book with two edition: FnB (foodnBeverage) and Ladies edition. 

its a great new way to save , it's just like how Domino pizza comes out with a voucher pamphlet where you only spent rm20 for around 50 vouchers inside just to save on ur next Domino dine-in/takeaway. 
but this time you get to have more than 44 brands to choose from!

let's start with the F&B edition first 
because i'm such a foodie, adn this comes first before shopping. 
since this is the 2013/2014 issue, the vouchers expired this end of june ): deeply sadden over it that i can't spend it at my favorite fnB outlet, 
wait for August, they'll be releasing the 2014/2015 edition ! (: can't wait to get my hands on these!

let's see what's inside: 
  • Features 44 brands of restaurants and F&B franchises in Klang Valley and other states.
  • Total 175+ F&B vouchers in book, worth RM'000s!
  • Comes with editor reviews, 3 “Must Try” recommendations, outlet contact details, food pictures, opening hours, Wi-Fi etc
  • All vouchers valid until 30 June 2014 (except 2 pieces of Kim Gary vouchers, 30 April 2014)
Type of vouchers include:
  • 50% OFF
  • BUY 1 FREE 1
  • And many other DISCOUNTS!

Brands featured in this edition include:
  • Bar B Q Plaza
  • Belanga Cafe
  • Blackball
  • BreadTalk
  • Brotzeit
  • Caffeinees
  • Capricciosa
  • Carl's Jr.
  • Chakri Express
  • Connoisseurs Lounge & Restaurant
  • Deutsches Haus
  • Fa Ying
  • Gelatissimo
  • Gelatomio
  • Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
  • House
  • Jang Gun
  • Kee's Creampuffs
  • Kim Gary
  • Komugi Cafe
  • Lecka Lecka
  • Meet Fresh
  • Milkshake Factory
  • Morganfield's
  • Mr Siew Bao
  • Mr Wish
  • Ochado
  • Papa John's
  • Pat Kin Pat Sun
  • Pepper Lunch
  • Planet Popcorn
  • Purple Monkey
  • Rainforest Bistro
  • Share Tea
  • Shogun
  • Saisaki
  • Sushi Tei
  • Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
  • Subway
  • Tedboy Bakery
  • Toast Box
  • Wendy's
  • Zakuro 2
  • and many more!
one of my favorite fnB outlet, which i can use it despite the fact that i'm living far from Kuala Lumpur, 
this can be used in Penang too, and soon-to-be Alor Star! hopefully lah .__. it's going to open soon there though

soo yeah, some are really worth it like this! you know how expensive it is,but with all these lovely vouchers you can save alot, trust me
too bad some are only situated at KL, so guess it'll be a waste for me

and, here goes every girl's dream
more than 120 vouchers with 50+ malls!
that's so awesome right?
all vouchers valid till 2015 so no rush for this (: 

in Ladies edition: 
You have fashion, slimming, travel, spa/massage/facial, waxing/hair removal, hair saloon, bust , manicure/pedicure, online purchase (my favorite) and even wellness and health
they feature brands like
  • zalora
  • supermodelsecret
  • baleno
  • babor
  • the body shop
  • himalaya
  • bluunis
  • mary chia
  • treats
  • xixili
  • De'cleor
  • glow and glamour
  • three sixty degrees
  • jurlique
  • Sothys 
  • and many more

i think this is super worth it 
and i'm such a big supermodel's secret fan

they eveb count how much u can save (: 

and there's also a special offer for fans out there!
refer worthybook to a friend
and get 5 times free vouchers of your choice!
your friends will get 20% off his/her purchase!
just ask your friend to email them , quoting ur name and they get 20% off (: 
and u get to email your own choice plus ur personal detail 
all this
email to
once again, i'll be waiting for FnB edition this August!
seeing that i'll be going to Uni soon adn it'll be either KL or Penang, it's time to start saving by getting WorthyBook (: 

how to get your ladies edtion worthybook?
 Ladies Edition is available at all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in KL & Selangor.  Alternatively, it is also available via . 

so easy to get one copy of it now!

you can view one of their links for more info too (: 



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