Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My sister's ROM

tadaa! the most awaited post is here!
my sister's ROM ceremony in Rochester Road, Singapore
first time i witnessed such a grand ceremony for just a ROM, but then this is Singapore style, 
in Malaysia, couples just go to temples or Jabatan to sign and thats all, no banquet, no food, no entertainment, i mean all these they leave it for the ACTUAL wedding dinner, 
so this is of course, very new to me. 

seriously, i keep procrastinate here and there and i sometime wonder where did my passion for blogging go
the sickness had snatched away my drive to blog because everytime i spend just a mere 30 mins infront of the computer, i'll be lightheaded again and thought i'm going to faint. 
this post took me three freaking days to finished haha

the reception table
full of bloody wonderful chocolates, i so wish i can eat!


okay, before we get to the place, we spotted our main star of the day taking photos with the professional photographer 

and my sister even brought her toy Ernie because , well it supposed to symbolize her , i guess, cuz it bears the same name as her.

the lover's bridge full of heart shape balloon where everybody was so excited to take pictures with it. 

the pastor getting ready for the vows and certs
don't get me wrong, i'm no christian, 
but this is so 'ang moh' style i wish back here i can do the same for my future wedding where we read each other's vows and exchange rings and a kiss . 
so awesome lah, but i don't think in Malaysia you have that unless you're a Christian, you can go to church and have your vows and all that. 

and oh yeah, did i mention my DAD walked my sister in instead of the bridegroom? sorry no picture for this part ): but got video which unfortunately i am too sick to wait for it to upload

yeah! finally officially married!

family photo

after that we settled off for food
everybody was so caught up, we forgot to snap the food
the food was superb , got salad, got salmon, got seabass, got seafood filled with cheese (ergh) , got sirloin, got herb chicken , all the western food which we youngster ate and ate non stop

the beautiful bouquet 
so pretty! and yess, my sister threw the bouquet of flowers to all the single ladies out there, 
and okay, everybody blames me for taking it ): 
sorry lol

selfie with my favorite cousins (: 
seriously in love with my new sony nex5t camera which smooth-en up your face automatically , no need to go mei tu xiu xiu it lah haha
or buy casio selfie camera ady lah, this can become the substitute for it dy

anyway this ceremony ended after 4 hours i think, it's really simple yet grand (: 
my sis said maybe the actual wedding ceremony will be held next year june/july , so ya! can't wait!
and happy marriage sister!
wish you stay healthy as always and stay forever sweet wif ur hubby!

MUA of that day
got myself a red eye after accidentally wiped make up remover over my eyes without closing my god damn eye .__. 

a reminder to myself: 
i have to do ALOT of advertorial
worthybook, chicnova, zalora, nattacosme, and systema

by the way, i've been exercising everyday this week 
to build up my immune system
you don't know what happen when i get side effects from this meds the doctor gave me
i felt like my whole world was a dungeon after that
ok lah, when Dan is here everything seem like garden at the bay
then when he's not there, my body start to wonder off to the dungeon again
boo hoo
wish i just get well soon
it's been 29 days
almost a month
still counting but i hope i will STOP counting it anymore


  1. My congratulations to her! Love the pics...Lovely couple..

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. Such a beauty party and you and your sister look both beautiful!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  3. Amazing pictures!

  4. Congrats to your sis! I can see there are more girls in your fam! Heehee. Same things with my fam, more females that now in my generation only one man bring our surname--the rest was 'taken' by their husbands and merge with other surnames hmm. You took the bouquet? Ehm! ;) great job. Haha!

    The way they do ROM there is abit different here. Chinese here, they do ROM and wedding banquet on same day, ah, consider to settle everything in one day, spend less $$! LOL!

    Take care! Exercise more is good, healthy mind and healthy body :)

  5. Congrats to your sister! Looks like it was a lovely day :)

  6. Nice post ;)


  7. lovely pictures!! X


  8. Woot woot! Congrats to your dearest sis and your new brother-in-law!! :)) gorgeous as always <3 I miss being in wedding ceremonies~ they make me feel so happy ^^

    Ugh, get well soon babe!! You're being sick for almost more than a month now! I hope you'll feel better even though I can't imagine the pain you're going through :( XX

  9. Knew it. It's you. Actually, I can't really recall how you look like when you were small,. but for sure I can recall how does aunty & uncle look like. Nice to see you here. The housing area looks familiar at a first glance, especially your house gate.
    Oooh,. btw., send my regards to aunty n uncle,. Aunty lose her weight quite a lot is it?
    Forgotten to introduce myself,. it's me-Surayia :)
    Your neighbour back then in 2002 ., remember the only Malay family that live in the housing area-ur house, mine, poh lynn, the piano teacher and I don't-know-my next-neighbour.
    Nice to see you people over here.x

  10. Send my regards to aunty and uncle. Btw,. I'm Surayia., your ex-neighbour back in 2000-the only Malay family that live in that neighbourhood at that particular time ;)


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