Saturday, June 14, 2014

my diary of dislikes as a seller

okay, time for some random opinions and thought that has been going around my mind for the past 33 days
ever since this blog started to receive reviews opportunities and sponsorships, i seldom have the guts to show my true color, i'm actually as evil as anything because i randomly cursed at everything i dislike. 
truth is, i used to blurt out everything in my blog and then it started becoming really public for other people to view, 
what will they think of me if i keep writing what i dislike, what is my problem , why i keep whining about this and that , and wishing they can tape me, or they start to judge me

damn, i have to keep reminding myself this is MY blog anyway, 
i do whatever i want, i write whatever i want to write
any foolish thoughts floating around , i still have the right to type it out here
it's not for the public to read, it's for MYSELF to read and self reflect when i'm older and read back how silly i am or how much i've grown

okay back to what i dislike: 

  • Dislike number one
wannabe and copycats. surely someone would say "you hypocrite! you did the same thing to me too! now karma is b*tch! mwahaha !"i apologized and learnt that NEVER EVER read someone review and refer to it anymore, NEVER~

now this is a different case
this so-called instashop called " FAIRYNOTALE" has been screenshot-ting my instashop pictures, my hard earn,  hard to find pictures, and girl!
if you want to dropship , which i don't mind i do accept dropshipping or reseller, tell me first, seek for my permission! okay, in the end she wasn't even dropshipping and with thick face of her, she deny that she copied my pictures, with some lame reason she told me "it was long time ago" when the god damn pictures were taken just a week ago. she deleted the pictures she copied from me, so i got no proof, 
funny thing is she locked up her instashop account, and when i requested to follow her, she didn't even allow me! proof that she is guilty !
good thing: i spotted one instashop picture (real pictures) in this fairynotale account and quickly reported it to the original owner . 

right is the original
left is the stole pictures 
got watermark oso no use, she can crop it .__.
and she  watermark it as hers!
walaaau got this kind of people!! 
i no eye see
i really no eye see

this is mine!
i'm selling these at rm25, she selling it at rm39
nevermind lah,  other people selling it at rm50, or rm100  is their right cuz it's their shop, but wadahell, that's my picture!!
and she deny!
u think my picture got people snap exact same like how you snap your clothes wan ah?
there must be reason why she locked up her account, very fishy ! and now i know why! she copied other people pictures and used it as hers! 
watermark it big big like she owned it 
blacklisted shop forever!
scarred for life!

*thanks ya to Shekrou for telling me about this (: if not i would not even know about it at all. 

  • half dislike number two 
this is not dislike lah, but haha, i find it highly amusing and somewhat annoyed  when i scroll over blogshops and saw them putting the price rm20 for a shirt or blouse 
and some random people would commented include postage?
they must have not know that postage are all basic and standard with a minimum rm6 regardless of how small your clothes are. 
if a brand new shirt cost rm20 and you ask if it's postage included? then this shirt must have cost only rm14? 
you think this is pasar malam shirt ah .__.  
and stop asking whether is inclusive of postage or not, cuz use common sense : if it's already rm20, it is highly impossible it would be inclusive of postage. (unless it's preloved, everything can be negotiate whenever it's preloved)

i once encounter someone from carousell "i take this shoe for rm30 include postage) . this shoe is brand new , and i'm stating the price at rm44 (exclude postage) . shoe postage is darn expensive because it's larger in size and with the box, it's even more expensive, i'm counting about rm10 minimum at least for postage, but i'm charging only rm6 for shoe postage. cheap ahhh
so if she actually requested rm30 including postage, that mean this shoe is only rm20?!?!!?! you know what shoe? not slipper, not sandal, but a black suede black wedge shoe (good quality) 
rm20 .__. you think pasar malam shoe ah .___.

but i don't complaint about my customers, haha, that's for sure, customers are nice when they understand that the postage is rm6 , that if they can meet up , they try to accommodate for me because i don't charge meet up money. like other people , they charge rm3 just to meet u . that i am actually nice if you buy more, i give u free postage (: 

if you are nice to me, i'll be nice to you
if you are being ridiculous, i got no choice . 

i'm only human 
have mercy on me



  1. Me too! I'm selling a brand new instyler cost me 16x I forget the exactly price. And I list my price as Rm90 include postage. Already 40% off and then someone send me offer. I'll take it if it's Rm80 Include postage. I was like har?

  2. My case worst than you :( I got ppl coming to buy my brand new shirt that is selling for RM10 can ask me free poslaju?? -.- wtf after poslaju the shirt only RM4 then I might as well throw it away?? Go pos office wrap also need money, time and effort right? -.-

    1. omygawwwd!! i heard one of my friend even worst! she staying at Kuching, and then she sellign it at rm10, and then that person wanted free postage at wm .__. in total rm2 the shirt price haha

  3. Babe, you should ask everyone to report the instagram account! I hate copycat and wannabe too, nobody likes anyway. haha!

    1. reported! but she's still alive out there, can't even get through her account because she locked it up

  4. that girl is on fireeeeeeeeeee! report their acc la :)

  5. Wow- so many worries and troubles for being a seller! D: and it's rude when people take other people's pictures without crediting or asking the owner.. seriously? D: anyway, best of luck to your shop and hope it overpowers the others~ haha. X

    Chic Nikkie

  6. waaaaa love your style:)
    keep in touch from Borneo, Indonesia...

    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  7. Uhh...if she apologized after you confront her still forgivable, but her attitude sucks! Totally get you on the postage part... some people are just.. no common sense.

    1. yeah! if she apologize i can just stay quiet, i won't be writing it out now to show the world haha

  8. hey ann. i seriously hate copy-cats / picture-grabbing people and claiming them as their own. i think they can be sued for something like "intellectual property rights" because those are your photos. YOUR PHOTOS! we studied that in school since we are soon-to-be-designers and our works can be copied and stolen easily through pictures and things like that. I think you should block her in your accounts. anyway, here is my reply to your sweet comment on my blog: "awww seriously Ann?! well, i might just get a trim perhaps. haha! :)) Honestly, taylor swift is one of the reasons why I started loving my natural locks. :D have a great week dear!~"

    xoxo, rae

    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?


  10. she followed me on instagram and i followed back to check on her pictures after i've seen this post.. she's absolutely false. none of her pictures are hers yet she watermarked everything. reported her as well :) hope you feel better (about your kichuan) and shop-wise!


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