Friday, June 6, 2014

L'oreal Paris White perfect total 10

today i'll be reviewing on L'oreal paris White perfect Total 10 which will be launching this month in Malaysia. 

i've been sunburn for so long, seriously i'm like two tone darker than before because i'm such a lazy bum when it comes to wearing hats or taking umbrellas out.  Then when this product came along, i just couldn't help trying and i like to say it has been my savior ever since i used it one week ago. 

people would go like "oh, why not you use sunblock ah, use bb cream ah cc cream ah blah blah." but i seem to have phobia using all those creams because my sis kept saying if i don't cleanse well after using all those cream, it clogged my pores and more pimples will pop up. 

but this is a whitening day cream, you know day cream is just like your basic moisturizer daily routine and you needn't worry if it clogged up your pores or what . it's safe ~

so happy to received this for review purpose
no lying for review purpose k? i'm going to be honest 
but i really like the cute little bottle, totally so handy to take around with me

the 10 benefits it promised us~

  1. instant glow 
  2. fairer skin
  3. even tone
  4. anti-dark spots
  5. anti shine effect
  6. anti pollution
  7. anti UVB
  8. anti oxydation 
  9. anti oiliness effect
  10. anti UVA
so many good benefits! i will elaborate and see if they DID give the results they promised us (: 

For the first-time ever from L’Oréal Paris, a whitening cream that not only gives you fairer skin but protects from external aggressions to help prevent future UV-induced darkening and excess sebum. Great skin is easy to achieve with just one product packed with 10 multi-action whitening and oil-control benefits!

of course i am thrilled to try it. i never used any cream which offer 10 benefits in one go. i mean you can save a lot by just buying one bottle of this. you don't need to buy extra moisturizer, extra sunblock , extra whitening cream, extra day cream extra bb/cc cream as a concealer or skin barrier . gah, all those bottles packed into one cute size bottle, totally a save 

White perfect total 10 : 50 ml 
spf 30 PA++
how much? 
RM39.90 only
such a budget buy 

they even came with this cap , so you needn't worry if it's not hygienic after pumping the cream. 

the cream is purplish white, not much  scent (bet those sensitive to smell will be curious about it) generous amount at first pump. 

Before and after
okay lah, don't expect it to have INSTANT Bling bling white effect, but at least can see my skin abit lighter in shade, smoother and yay, moisturized. 

see? my skin so dark. and i looked very pale, forgive me, i'm still sick from having panic disorder? (that is what the doctor diagnosed me)

tadaa, okay , plus lighting and everything, this is the best shot i can take for a full close up of my face. 
even though this cream main function is to whiten the skin, 
you can see that it really smooth-en up my face ahh, big love for it because i'm currently using tokyo love soap as a cleanser and it's a soap, so it makes my face pretty dry after cleansing it. this cream really counter attack the dryness , my hand quite itchy oso lah, keep gliding across my face just to feel the smoothness of it. 

let's check back what it promised us. 
  1. instant glow ? (yes (:)
  2. even skin tone (i must say not instantly but it's improving the longer i used it )
  3. fairer skin ? (slightly but at least it worked (: )
  4. anti dark spot? (i no dark spots heeee)
  5. anti shine effect (yes, it doesn't look oily at all. compare to me using other cream during day time, by the end of the day, my whole face looks like a grease ball, but this become my new skin)
  6. anti pollution (my skin still looks healthy, no harshness effect from environment)
  7. anti UVB and UVA (great as a sunblock (: )
  8. anti oiliness effect (nope, just like anti shine effect, my face is less oily than last time)
  9. anti oxidation (my skin is healthier now )

yes! L'oreal paris will be having an exclusive tea party to celebrate the launching of white perfect total 10, 
this is really a must-not-missed event but sadly i can't go because it's too far away from where i'm staying
plus with my health condition still bickering like a time bomb, i'm pretty much confined in the house these days

this will be my next-on-the list product when this bottle finish (: 
gotta have it since it's affordable and works well on my skin

You can follow L’Oréal Paris at the following as well to get daily beauty tips:

i also used it during my sister's ROM (: 

i'm still not alright 
Doctor had just diagnosed me with panic disorder
which still seem unreal to me because i have nothing to panic
but panic disorder is due to anxiety and i still have no linked whether i'm anxious about something
i have nothing to worry about but i wonder why am i diagnosed with panic disorder ):
then the doctor said something that must have make real sense
my first attack was after my interview for USM, (a day after) 
after the first attack, there will be series of attacks later even though i am not anxious any more or not worrying anymore
this is panic disorder, it may happen even if i'm watching spongebob on tv or just sleeping. 
i woke up every morning at 3, either to search for cockroach or have this wild thoughts that cockroaches are all over my body
gah , i felt crazy but ya, this is panic disorder ):
and right now i'm feeling queasy again, so i'm gonna end here, will blog soon about this sickness. it has been 26 days , i hope it gets better soon
(had severe side effects from the meds the doctor gave me, so i have to deal with it through exercising)

): i feel terrible now


  1. Totally agree, so gonna keep this product closely by my side hehe anyway, sorry to hear about what you're currently going through. It must have been hard especially when you don't really know whats causing it. But, speedy recovery dear! <3

  2. Great review!

  3. wooo! i wanna get fair too! anyway, take care of urself kay!

  4. omg please get well soon, Ann :( I hope you will get rid of that disorder soon, I feel so sad and sorry to read how sad it makes you T T Please take care and get well, gurl~!!!! About the product, you're lucky to get the chance to try it and your skin looks super flawless, smooth and just wow after using this product ^-^* #


  5. Looks great!! X

  6. get well soon Ann :) i yet to receive this cream for my review but i hope when i finally get my hands on it, I'll love it as much as you do ^_^

  7. What lenses are you wearing in the pictures? :) You're so prettty!

  8. great result dear :D


  9. Does the cream work if i also wear BB Cream? Should I apply this on before BB Cream or after? Usually in the mornings I just apply BB Cream directly upon my bare face and apply face powder for school.

  10. woaaaa, I really want to try this cream. It really did make your face look super smooth~~ The bottle is super cute too XD It reminds me of a little robot? XD hahaha

    awww, hope you're feel better. I don't really understand panic attacks, so I don't exactly know what to say, but I hope that everything goes smoothly and that your doctor is helping lots :)


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