Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The trip to Koh Lanta

This is the beautiful resort i'm staying at , Andaman Resort at Koh Lanta!
their pool is HUGE!!

hello peeps! this is the first time i ever join a convoy of 40 cars with over 100 people to Koh Lanta, this newborn tourist spot in Thailand. 
nope, the minute we started our journey, i can see why all of us have regretted it. not only was my father driving and speeding recklessly on the road, our safety is just at the hook of a fishing rod. 
we have to speed up to catch up with the car ahead of us, which is terrifying because at 140 km/h i probably would have just wanted to go back home!

the bedroom!

anyway not only were we speeding, we have to overtake cars, lorries and even trailers! and the road is so narrow and the oncoming car was so close to us before we could cut in to our road. this is insane but to the others (who had no problem following up) think is a thrill for them, racing over the speed limit which is illegal in Malaysia, but everything is free in Thailand. 
i gulp, thinking about road accidents that could happen anytime, but we stop a lot of time just to relieve ourselves in the petrol station toilet and have a feeding fiesta at every 7-eleven. 

the bathroom!

the private pool suite!
YUP! a few lucky family gets a private pool suite which means, they have a whole pool by themselves!! they do not need to share other pools with the others! with a mere rm700 per person for five days four nights with great food and lodging and also island tour, it's really worth it!

BUT! the trip to Koh Lanta is not that easy!!!
we have to get into this barge (which they call ferry) twice. and trust me, the barge doesn't look safe either. 
i thought it would be just like Penang Ferry which carries all the transport over with roof and well, more enclosed. 
but this? i didn't like how the car seem to shake a little when the barge moved. 

click! i ditch my nikon V1 and took P510 with me !

i swam in their pool two times! i love to swim now i have finally come to a conclusion that i still remember how to swim!

and wrap myself up to have a walk at the beach later~

our first day outfit. yup, everyone has to wear this red shirt so that the leader can identify us. 
we were break into three groups, yellow, red and blue. so i was a red.

on our way, the brought us to this amazing temple which made out of 100 percent glass bottles and sea shells! amazing!

it was really late at night so we coudln't possibly ended up in Koh lanta is just one day. we drop by this amazing Songkhla Hotel for one night and i love their breakfast the next morning. 
sadly on the 2nd day, i had a terrible diarrhea. i thought it was food poisoning so i didn't eat much! i only had a bowl of cereal in the morning because i'm scared of the journey ahead. toilet is the main problem for every convoy trip, you can't afford to get your bladder fill up because all 39 other cars will have to go to the loo just because of you!
but it turn out, diarrhea was because of the period due soon later that day. 

we went to this Wayang Kulit (shadow figures) museum. i don't see anything special about it seeing that Kelantan in Malaysia has it. 

then we went to this temple where all 100+ us carries this yellow cloth and walk in the temple . we waren't suppose to wear short pants, so i have to wrap something to cover up my bare legs. 
trust me, due to constant diarrhea to every toilet i spot, i am exhausted and weak. 

part two coming soon~
this is just an update due to my 12 days of rusty blog updates~
started school two days ago!
have so much to do! but at least i have SOMETHING to do!
now i'm into swimming, so i'm going swimming this Friday!



  1. wowww! travel with so many ppl!

  2. nice hotel~ great outing you got there too~ =D

  3. Woah, the place looks amazing. I want to visit Thailand so bad, their pad thai! Love your outfits! ^^


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