Thursday, June 13, 2013

Great pieces of sketches and arts~

this is one of my favorites!  seeing that i'm a HUGE harry potter fan (when i was little, i even memorized each and every character in the whole seven series of the book!)
this was done by my junior, Daryl! He is so freaking good that after i view each of his masterpiece, i guess, i HAVE to share it out via my blog. PLEASE! this guy need to earn better than 100+ likes, he deserve more though. 
but i'm not a good judge to judge his artwork seeing that i'm terrible at drawing. but as just an outsider, i think it's superb!

judging by the date, he probably drew this when he was 15 years old?


and well, this korean star!!
i can never understand how people can shade to make things look like 3D. 

the finishing pic!

and this too! which is pretty wicked!

this would bring boys down to their knees, it's Yoona from Girl's generation!

the finishing pic!!
the hair seem so real and alive!

this girl is Elena Desserich.
she pass away due to brain cancer~

guess who??

i love this three guys!!
but i haven't come across their cartoon anymore

just to share~
keep up the good work



  1. Oh my God,Paramore sketch is PERFECT!

  2. i adore people who really have talent in art. this are amazing pieces!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

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  4. muaks!!! LOL~ btw, nice picture~ i also got watch ed, edd, and eddy from cartoon network last time~ =D

  5. wow.. your friend surely does have a great future ahead of him :D

  6. ooo lol i tot u draw one. haha

  7. wow. JIhyo and Gary! So alike, Love much! :*

  8. Woowow, thats some talent your friend has! The sketches look soo realistic!!


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