Friday, June 21, 2013


it was then, i finally and officially have a bf. no kidding, my parent said that i'm 19 already so it's okay to have one. and no kidding, its really awkward next time whenever i wanted to go out. they probably be thinking of me going out with him, which then, i resulted in not going out at all this whole week and wouldn't plan to for the next week again!
but then i'm glad i wouldn't be going behind anyone's back anymore!
at least i won't feel afraid or paranoid 
but it's a relief! 
i'm glad they accepted it, and  most probably because he doesn't seem like a bad guy. 
but still, it's not really encouraging by the sound of it, i have exams to battle with, those exams that determind which university i am going! which is really really important. 
of course i won't loose my focus, just so that they know i manage to proof i get good grades even though i have divided my time and heart for him and stpm. 
3.75 and if i get my sem 2 result any lower than that, i bet they be blaming it on love. 
so i'm crossing my fingers that my sem 2 result turn out well too! even though i have no hope in my business studies (seeing that it was so tough)

 our footprints~
i have spend a lot of time with him, days, time, he did LOADS of things for me too, till to my account, i think he did practically EVERYTHING for me. i just need to ask, he did it all for me. 
and now, after two weeks, we will be crossing our 365 days together. 

time passes fast, i can still remember the walk down the stairs where he question me when will i answer him? where he took the umbrella casually and shade me to the car .
that he had been waiting, and i have finally comfirm my feelings for him too. 
and all these while we were best friend all the while. from 16 i know him as a friend till i'm 18 where he became my best guy friend. and from there, it was him. 

i hope it will last~
even though mummy is telling me to try my luck on NUS conservatory of music at Singapore.

the 300 loves i fold for him during valentine's day. 300 for our 300days~


a heart from him~ each heart is a countdown timer for our anniversary~


dear cousin~ if u ever read this.shh! it's best to keep it low profile until i pass my exam okay? 


  1. So sweet <3 Hope you get the grades you want for your exam!!


  2. Nice!!!
    I'm following you on Bloglovin and GFC!!!!
    Now is your turn darling!!!!

  3. Nice and congrz =P
    which cousin you referring to? XD

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  5. congrats to have a bf although i was feeling emos~ T.T~

  6. Waaaah congrats, this post is too cute xD my heart can't take iiitttt

  7. Awwww you guys are so cute and romantic! Congrats.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

  8. Nice and lovely Ann! Stay happy :)
    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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