Friday, March 15, 2013

One day trip with the dudes and babes

One group photo of us before we leave Jitra~
we started off our journey right after our tuition. We have five cars to pick up 16 human beings (too much to be written XD) 
so our plan was to go eat breakfast at a nearby hawker centre, watch the 2pm singapore movie called Ah Boys to men 2, go back my so-called new house at jitra to watch Ah Boys to men 1 (reversing it) go to darulaman park to relax and then go to this famous restaurant to eat thai food, and then go back.
everything were mess up.
our movie was schedule to 6.15 pm instead
no going to park for our relaxation
and we spent completely one bonkers hour at my house doing either daydreaming, sleeping and a huge amount of stuffing ourselves with junk food

the whole place is so hot and sweaty! everybody went to my room to chill instead~
anyway, after a few minutes of watching the first part of the movie in my house, some were practically falling asleep already. i feel bad that my house didn't have any food to entertain them, well, basically this house had not been stayed for quite some time already, so my fridge and everything else are completely empty.

yiiiii all the "chi ko pek" face XDDD
then after the movie, people are everywhere! you can find three girls sleeping on my bed, 2 in the master bedroom, six up the third floor snoring away, 2 at the lower ground floor playing phone games, 1 walk around carrying his towel and clothes waiting to bathe, another 1 in my ground floor room listening to music , and another one randoming appearing in everybody's spot.
(if you guys know who they were XD)

up the third floor watching movie
there were stuffs everywhere!
some carried pillow 
some carried toys

timer camwhore session in my bedroom
our 16 blurry tickets. 
the show was not bad! it was pretty funny to be exact
Jack Neo again, fail to disappoint us! the story of the movie continues well, make us crack in our seats. 

later~ we went to Rung Reng for our late dinner. 
it was pretty late at that time after the movie finished, so i was worried my parents would lecture me after that. 
but thankfully no.
we split into two tables and well, had the same dish in two sets. 
our bill came off to Rm268 something something. 
and our fish burnt into flames after my friend Shue Tin dumped vegetables and played with the coal 

our first fail shots, because i can't see lai yein's face. haha
went back home minutes after 10pm (yes, still early)
thanks Dan for the ride
and thanks (phew, here goes my list)
shan da, chun wei, xin tong, alexer, jesslyn, lai yein, shue tin, shu yee, shu ping, chun yee, esther, yk, shi yun, kuan cin, and danson for coming!



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  3. lovely photos :)

  4. Fun time with friend! Good deal Ann!

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  5. Woah so fun with many friends!! ^^ Glad you had a fab day with your them!! :))))

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  10. Looks like you had a fun time on your trip!

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  11. ohhh funny pics!! a day with a lot of smiles :)
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  12. awhhhh!! So nice when there is lot of friends gather in your hse. Feel like is a big family! ;D

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