Thursday, March 21, 2013

My OOTD and my STPM results *giggles*

readers probably cover their eyes when they look at my vain pictures, because i think they probably be more interested in what i get for my result than to see me striking my poses here and there. 
sorry guys, bear with it till the end of the post and you get the answers that you want. 

but here's one important annoucement i have to make for the BLOGGERS OUT THERE!!
NOTE: you read that google readers will be closing down this JULY! but GOOGLE FRIENDS CONNECT will not be canceled! so don't worry of loosing your followers!! you will still have them and hope it will make your wishes come true by earning a handful load of followers!!
i know, i became super paranoid when i heard that google reader will be closing down, but i read through some blogger and they said bloggers won't be affected though. 
just as long as you're a blogger, you will feel free using GFC to connect with bloggers all around the world!


my unattractive backside
just trying on something different and unusual because white shorts freaks me out.  You won't be too sure of over exposing yourself underneath (if you know what i mean) but i tried it though

what i wore
lace singlet: a boutique in Sungei Wang
Lace shorts: sister love
neck piece: Bugis Street, Sg
Sunglasses: Brands Outlet

hair becomes long and messy after leaving it uncut for one freaking year. *giggles* have to do something badly to my hair though. 
Any suggestion?

Today big surprise. 

okok, yaya, here's my answer to all of you.
okay, so first thing when i was driving to school, Dan texted me that my big butt friend Low had already know his result since 3 A.M in the morning (god knows how he manage to stay awake at that time) Dan could have given me a heart attack right at the road with that text.  i was freaking out because they told us that our results will be out during noon. 

bloody, i went to school freaking out. 
Saw my fat cat friend grinning like a ..well, cat, and he said he even printed out his results. I stare at his business studies, the only donkey who get a B+ in our whole batch (there were no A's or A-'s in our school for that ridiculous subject) snarl at him, because he use to sleep in class and he took the only B+ from all of us. but i was biting my nails to know my result

grab on to my class monitor's phone (who 24 hours seems to have his data running wild) punch in my identity card number and puffing like mad for the result. 
at first i was unsure of what i was seeing through the small phone screen, and then Dan zoom it and we both  went "TUDIOH" 
and i was laughing my head off (my head atcually ran off across the street)XD

like seriously, my mum even targeted that i wouldn't get any A's . Dad gave me 2 A's , i gave myself 2 A's too (regardless if it's A-'s or what) but god gave me this.

Pengajian Am is general studies
Pengajian Perniagaan is business studies
Bahasa Melayu is Malay language studies
i hope you guys know what is ekonomi though, (economics)

this motivates me to work harder for my next semester!!
for those who did badly , don't give up! there's always a hope. 
Just like a comment i read through facebook, having a strings of A's doesn't comfirm your future. 
It's your ability to catch hold of the future you want. 



  1. CONGRATSS~~! <3
    I just received my score cards too x) happy also to receive it keke!

    Erm, I wonder you took 4 classes in one sem? =O Envyyyy bc my uni won't let us take so little classes~ Even this sem I take 6 classes, consider as very lucky x)

    Happy for you anw <3

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    Following you back now :)

  3. Oh, GFC's not closing? YAY! Pft, so much for heart attack >.> Yay fellow Malaysians! >D And SUPER CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome result!!!I never had the balls to face STPM so I ran away from school after SPM lol! SPM was already too stressful so I told myself and my parents that NO, I will NOT go for STPM <3 Whoa, nearly a perfect score lady! Your parents must be so proud of you but you should feel the proudest as it is YOUR hard work and achievement! So what do you plan to do or go from here? Interested in any field of further studies? <3


  4. love your outfit dear :)
    and congratulation for result. ♥

  5. eh, think u should rid ur ic number...

  6. Amazing post! Love your style!

    Would you like follow each other? Let me know =)

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  8. You have a nice blog.
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    Can't wait your new post dear :)

  9. Very gorgeous lace outfit. It's so feminine and pretty. :)

  10. Love the lace shorts!!

  11. Congrats! Great outfit, and great blog so I'm a new follower on bloglovin =)

  12. You look so beautiful! I think you have awesome hair! : )

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  15. Heyyyyyyyy CONGRATZ SMARTY PANTS!!! I know JC's super difficult so I salute you, especially General paper-that's a killer. Jiayous and work hard! Anyway, your pics looks fab with your new eyebrows :D

  16. Lovely outfit! :)
    Yes, sure! I'm following you back via GFC :)
    Have a great day!


  17. Congratulations, dear!! Your outfit is so beautiful and you are really sweet.
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  18. cool top!

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  19. lovely outfit;)X

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  23. Those shorts are amazing on you. Such a lovely lady you are and that shot from the back is very hot and wonderful :)


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