Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cutesy is not a crime through LINE STICKER

having great fun with the chip or dale (god knows which ) big head at my bro's gf new house!
it's a week school holiday! and i had a not-so great week, but still so-so okay, border line holiday. went to penang to visit my bro's gf new house and had a short shopping spree at Queensbay and Gurney. 
(there's really nothing to shop once you have an empty wallet)
bought mummy an INGLOT eyebrow pencil (i had never, ever splurge on expensive make up for myself, but i did it for mummy! *cries*)

The weather was sooo freaking hot! so i was atcually sweating from my newly washed hair. in within hours, my hair became a greasy limp noodle look-a-like
and i found this ultra awesome cute guy!! if anybody would recognise this fellow from LINE (an android apps for free chats and call), you can buy this guy in

try to resemble his face
anyway, i didn't buy much from Penang. just two piece of clothing item and another double eye lid sticker. 
oh well, the double eye lid sticker couldn't work well on my eye because it was too thick
*hurts my eye* owwh

i bought the brown colour packaging (i've already got the blue and it works wander!) but i did a bloody mistake in buying yellow colour sticker!! yellow!? Aren't it transparent?
oh gosh, wasted Rm20 for was too thick for my eye comfort too. 

cute like an innocent boss.
cutie wrap up with my favorite pillow
i couldn't sleep with that pillow!

recognise cutie face from these bunch of other cuties?
sooo adorable


  1. Cute pictures!:) Have a great Easter!:)


  2. Cute like a boss. LOL. :) Cool post Ann! :)

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  3. Haha. I'm also in holiday now.
    I had a very nice holiday with lovely friends;))

  4. awww you're too cute :)
    love your hair

  5. Your pink romper is fabulous!! xo


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