Friday, March 19, 2010

Concert preparation

Not big atcually, it's minor compare to the one i once joined..
But this is aweSOMELY hugE..working together with Charis Chua a great jazz singer and the PESSBAND!!!!!! MAJOR!! MAJOR!!

If you seriously had no idea what the heck is PESSBAND..please watch

Awesome huh?? It is such an honour playing together with the PESSBAND and Charis..XD
thanks to my dear violin teacher who looks like JOHNNY DEPP..he went out to collabrate with them..( :
With Kedah Youth Symphony(Me as violin 1), Charis Chua and Penang PESSBAND..

For more information
i will post it up next time XD
I will try to video myself and post it up during concert night!
embed with my youtube account..
wish me luck XD


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