Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something you don't know about me...

"Whenever i talk to you, it's like i'm talking to a wood!"
Surprise, surprise...
just unless wood existed in a form of human..

I do tend to look like a wood..(Yes, i admit that) but you just don't know what is going on in my mind..maybe i'm cursing you, swearing,voo doo-ing or just stare dead to the world..who knows?

Ha, i am not what i look like..don't underestimate me..
Even though i tend to look stupid and gullible..
Who knows what i'm thinking inside? i may be even picturing you having your head slice off or something..mwahahaha..

So, do not say i look or act like a wood to you..
COZ, in my thoughts, a wood doesnt exist inside ..

Anyway, why am i talking about wood here?
XD, why the sour faces, people?

okay, so what dyou guys derno about me?

  • I am en egg lover..YES, I LOVE EATING EGGS SOOO much that i don't eat anything but eggs...If i had a food chart, everything from top to bottom is egg egg egg...
*I don't eat meat unless it's fast food...You will not caught me eating chicken, pork, beef, mutton, not even FISH...i survive on eggs..XD*

  • And then i have an affection for guys who had small appealing eyes..(I HAVE NO IDEA) I think guys with small eyes are seductive looking while girls with huge housefly eyes are damn beautiful..
Ed a.k.a. CHUCK BASS is one clear example..HOT HOT HOT
  • And i am over obsessive over studded things...studded bags, studded totes, studded skirts, studded dress, maybe i should pierce a stud on my tongue..*cheers*
  • alas, classic piece on the hemline..studded high waist skirt..
    ROCK ON...
    What else huh?
    i really have no idea anymore..but just to say a few words..
    i may be a wood from the outside
    but god knows what i'm thinking..
    I'm not dead..not a wall, nor a refridgerator to keep vegetables..
    I do have thoughts and whenever you see me slipping back into WOOD LAND..please wake me up by calling me 'Woody Woodpecker"
    I will be glad enough to reward you with a woody laugh
    *HAHAHAHA, not funny....*

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