Monday, August 7, 2017

Prik Kee Nuu Restaurant: Hidden Thai restaurant in Sik, Kedah

 Thai food is the best. Being born and bred at Kedah, Thai restaurants are seen everywhere around Kedah especially my hometown, Alor Star. I didn't know there are places around Gurun that have Thai restaurants as well and when there's a family gathering at this authentic thai restaurant, i was amazed at how everything reminded me of the chill out bar during my stay at Bangkok. 
I never seen such restaurants in Alor Star as well, so this is worth to review for. 

 Prik Kee Nuu Restaurant is situated in quite a remote area inside Sik, Kedah. I myself wouldn't know this hidden gem if i were to drive pass it without noticing the sign board. It's in this beautiful log house that i would have mistaken it as one of the residential house like their neighbours haha, but i won't expect to see that inside is so beautiful!
 The Inner layout of the restaurant gave me such Thai vibe i immediately love this place as soon as i step in because i am such a big Thailand freak. I was hoping the food will turn out great as well. 

 They even had a stage for musicians to perform while we dine in. Such Thai feel, i remember seeing the same interior at Talad Rot Fai market in Bkk. 

 To add more strong Thai vibe, they even employ singers that perform Thai songs instead. He even had a tips box bag there, you can picture how we roared with applause once he stop and sang a Chinese song instead. 

 No doubt they also took the initiative to make sure every nook and corner looks like we are in Thailand. 


 Steam Fish No 1# we ordered two types of fishes (scroll below to see the second fish). The good thing about their fishes is that everything is really fresh. 

 Their Otak-Otak is also very nice too! not much squid inside as compare to the one in Alor Star but the taste was just nice. Not that spicy as compared to the on in Alor Star so is just nice for my liking. 

 Sweet Sauce Sesame Chicken. Guess that a lot of us dig into this because is quite appetising. This is quite sweet for me , eating one or two will be just nice. 

 Nestum Prawn. 
Sad small portion haha. 

 I had seen papaya salad, Mango salad, tanghoon salad, i never seen CHICKEN FEET SALAD BEFORE. This dish has a lot of ingredients to keep up with your taste bud but seriously i am not a fan for chicken feet. So i passed this dish , you can try it out if you DO eat chicken feet. 

 Sorry for the blur photo, this is steam fish #2. Sweet sour spicy taste which will open your taste bud as soon as you taste it. I prefer this dish than the other steam fish. 

and...They also serve THAI MILK TEA! oh my god! Just tell the boss not to add sugar because it is already very sweet


25a Kampung Begia
08200 Sik Kedah
Kampung Begia
08200 Sik

Opening Time

Monday closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 3pm - 11pm 



  1. omg, looks nice

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