Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Just got back from my intern interview. I'm not going to tell where but well, it didn't go well but, mistakes are tend to be learnt from. 

On the other hand, i must say i am PROUD of myself for getting through it alone without my parent's accompaniment this time. For the first time i felt grown up, excited yet scared. I didn't go alone though, but i went with my other friends who were called up for the interview too. 

It was a comfortable trip there, the hotel is the best! they not only free upgrade us to a family room but also gave us free breakfast just by liking and sharing their facebook page. For a budget hotel, i didn't expect any 3 stars service but they even ask if we need grab car or anything, they had printing service, dobby service, internet service, a game section and also 24 hrs free coffee, tea and soya bean to drink. 

Okay, i can't control myself from promoting this hotel, but here's the name of the hotel


Alright, back to my rant. I'm home now, suppose to study for my Thursday mid term exam but hell i need to "REWARD" myself with some chilling videos for traveling so far to an interview haha. 
not to mention, i had starved myself to death two days in a row. First day i had only DINNER as a meal and today i had no lunch and had my dinner at 8.30pm. 
not to mention, walking back alone after dinner was a challenge with all my heavy bags. (nope, didn't take grab because i used up all the quota so far)

I still can't get over the fact of eating alone in public because of people walking pass and giving you judgemental look like " oh poor girl, she has no friends, she's eating alone." 
or you meet someone you know and they will also think the same. 

That's why i always prefer to just "Dabao" back whenever i had to eat alone or i will go farrrr farrr away or to a secluded eatery place so that no one will care. 
I actually feel much in peace there , eating alone, is not that i am scare of feeling lonely, but i am scare of people JUDGING me. 

okay. i'm done ranting. 
I need to study

well at least the front cover of my book.


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