Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Buu's Kitchen

 Yay, i'm back again. Just like i promised, i am blogging again :) So i'm back home now, at my hometown (lonely place without him, yes, but he's coming over next week. can't wait to see him) 

This time i'm doing a food review on Buu's Kitchen which is located at Hin Bus Depot (yes, they took over Tavern in the Park). I'm not quite a food blogger, but am trying to venture into this field as well because i love food. (who doesn't?)

 Their interior, reminds me of a south western diner. Quite cowboy or ranch style. 

 The outside. 
i honestly love Hin Bus Depot because their art culture attracts me. i just feel really indie here but too bad i had just been there three times only. Would love to participate in their pop up store every Sunday, well if there's space for me. I remember there were so many stalls there is hard for me to walk around without getting bumped. 

 This is their carbonara spaghetti. It is rare to see carbonara that have eggs mashed up inside . haha, it tasted pretty good to me, not really milky or thick but just nice for my taste bud ( because i don't like it thick anyway). 
I'm not sure about the price , you may scroll below to their Facebook page and ask. 

 My boyfriend loves this Aglio Olio, because he likes spices. He tasted fried dry garlic, dry chilli, mushrooms and olive oil sprinkle with oregano, maybe more i don't know. Is quite spicy for me , the chili flakes maybe, but you can request not to have it too spicy depending on your taste. 

Yay! and a last picture of me in Buu's Kitchen. 
They are newly opened.
go check them out

31a jalan gurdwara
George Town, Malaysia
(Hin Bus Depot)

Opening hours:



  1. Carbonara seems really nice! I'd love it I think!! Hehehe~~ Long time no see! Eh, you look great now! :D x Oh yeah. Happy Chinese New Year to you too~~!

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