Friday, December 23, 2016

I'm BACK!!

Hey guys! i'm back to blogging again
Remember i had another blog on because i think this blog is too commercialised?  well forget about that, i think i only have two hands to manage one so i choose my old blog because it kept all my long forgotten memories  ( except that the images are already deleted. *growl)

Anyway, is almost end of the year now and i would like to summarize a few things that make 2016 great ! :D

 I'm still with him. 
Most of the people gave us a life span of 3 months ? now we're 1 year plus together now . Still happy , still crazy and still fun and adventurous. Both of us likes to explore,  so there are many places that he took me there. Is like, "hey goat, there's a new library in Penang and is digitalise and we can never get hungry because below is Love a Loaf" he gets as excited as me and wanted to go there as much as i do too. You will never know how two enthusiast is better than one. Just like how i operate my shop, i taught him how to open one too and he is doing well within three months. Is like doing things together with another person is so much happiness than doing it alone or doing it with somebody who doesn't enjoy doing it together with you. 

 And we did have our first wedding photoshoot
Nope we are not married. 
There's not much photos i guess we sucked at it anyway. The heels killed me after 5 hours of standing, but it was a great experience so far. Did i mention after the photoshoot we went straight on for our holidays ? The tiredness ohmygod. 

 My last band competition with them. We won third for Jack's (our drummer) song called "little black cat" 
The bandmates that are always with me through thick and thin. Until now we are still spamming our group chats, although i've been quite a distance ever since i don't really prioritise myself towards the Wanderers anymore ( heck i'm third year now) Probably one of the best band members i had ( and the only one i had anyway *rolling my eyes*) hahaa

 My first time attending a media launch party <3

 I got my first Ernie birthday cake !!! CAN YOU IMAGINE IT!?!?! i never though it could happen seeing that, Ernie doesnt come by often than a full blue moon in Malaysia. LOL. 
In the end , poor Ernie was stuffed down by all our throats and stomach. RIP Ernie. may u rest in peace in the sewer. 

 This semester is a tough one. 
imagine the hassle. imagine how stressed we are. 
This is my Group, we named ourselves Positive Productions, obviously hoping to get positive vibes from all of us. How much energy and money spent on making a 35% coursework works. *roll eyes again*  And after going through the sixth semester , i am definitely NOT going to be in this field in the future. I probably be jobless or so , but i'm making big plans for myself with my shop if everything fails and i'm still jobless. *Scroll bottom to see my "big" plans*

 Fash Grace is DOING VERY WELL . i must say i had reached 5K followers on instagram and 1.5K in Facebook( quite alot seeing that i hardly post on FB because most of my customers come from Instagram itself ). 
Recently there had been shipment delay on one VERY BIG PARTICULAR PARCEL. i've been worrying day and night for it because is almost 20kg  (you can imagine how many load of items are inside) after this lesson i learn to improve myself and my shop. probably be doing it after i finished my final exam.  ( why am i still blogging when i had my finals coming soon in another 3 days)

1. NO closing batch ( big parcels will have a big possibility that it will delay, smaller parcels won't) today order, tomorrow process order. Shipping will be more expensive, but is worth it to get more customer's trust.  

2. A DIFFERENT SUPPLIER. i tried another alternative. Is quite complicated and shipping is clearly more expensive, but hey, at least is FASTER and more reliable right?

That's the best i can do. And for my big plans. must i say it out here? is like spilling Spongebob's Mr Krab's patty secret formula. 
nah. whatever is my blog anyway. 

I'll probably buy a domain and get a legit website !!! YES, because wechat and whatsapp had too many messages and there's only me. I can't possibly reply all and try to remember all. that's why a website would help me keep tracks of their records once they placed orders through there. 
i'm getting pretty excited :D
and then mayb my own shop plastic bags or stickers. Is call branding your shop name so people would actually know about it. 
if i take it further, i stop doing preorder and start doing readystocks (people just like to get their items faster and readily)

I'm still with my roommate . HAHA not in a relationship, as in still sleeping next to her. (still sound wrong) 
HI roomie, thanks for giving me duck for my birthday , cooking me something when i'm hungry and letting me sleep when you're still awake.

that's it 
back to studying
merry christmas anyway 
<3 p="">



  1. Ann~~~~! Hewwo ^^ Don't know whether you still remember me? Happy to see you doing great!! All the best for the next year and next 999 years! Have a great xmas holiday and new yearrr <3 xo

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