Friday, February 6, 2015

Recapping 2014

I know i should have start to write this post at the start of January, but now , it's like the first week of February already, (is it really? omy, so fast)

So here's a few unforgettable events that should not be missed even though i'm stepping into 2015.

Let's rewind back to January 2014, yEssss with some pictures. I am vain, but please bear with me.


Started selling Preloved clothings online

 and that is how i broaden my business from there, from Preloved to Brand new,
selling preloved was easier because there are many platforms that enable you to share out your clothes, a lot of preloved groups in facebook and all that~
from there, i have lost my interest in teaching violin at Perlis, my boss had stopped giving me students because his son is now free to teach too so i figure out there is no point in continuing my job in there, plus i really hate teaching. 

Got my first sponsored products from Luxola Singapore (: 

It was the first review products from Singapore, so i figure out it is really a big stepping milestone from blogging. 

First photoshoot with KingP by Alexa 

i did a couple of photoshoots before but KingP by Alexa was my favorite of all :) it's funny how we met each other online through mutual friends and boom , i have about four photoshoots with her already so far. 
This photoshoot marks the first start of our relationship :D

Chinese New Year

No pictures haha, but this is the first CNY where Dan came visiting, he was officially known by my parents :D From then onwards, my parents can openly discussed and talk about him to me and all that, no more pretending like i don't have a boyfriend haha. 


Best result ever achieved in my whole 19 years

i think i am growing as years pass. i cannot believe i was once the bottom 10 in my primary school,  i actually score only 3 A's for UPSR, was placed the last class in Secondary school~
but i want to say thank you to some people who actually pushed me to study harder when i'm in form 1, because the class i was in was the nightmare of my days. 
Was bullied 
All too much to bear for a 13 year old, so i started to study really hard to get out of that class. 
I did, i succeeded . 
i was not born smart, remember that. 

but then, i realize result doesn't matter now when you're in uni, 
will get back to that later
but it's an achievement unlock~

Choosing the right course to apply

I applied to USM (Communication studies) and UM (Media studies ) 
and also NTU, SG (Mass Communication )

Faces a lot of objection saying that i should choose a professional course~
thank god i didn't choose music right? like it was my dream for 10 years to study music and now i've change it 360 degree. 

Got into NTU for Economics

You got to be kidding me, WHY I DIDN"T GO NTU!?!?!? THE WORLD TOP 50 university and CHOOSE USM Which is like rank 200 plus in the world. 
people are DYYYYIIING to go
but i didn't want economics. 
okay i admit i like Economics back in High school, but dang this wasn't my first choice. 
i try to appeal to change to media studies, 
they turn me down . 
but it's also an achievement unlock to got into NTU. 

Fash Grace was born on the 1st of April 

After doing preloved, i thought of doing more so i started ordering a few readystocks to sell 
Named my shop Fash Grace because we must be fashionable in a graceful way
i have no idea how it meant but i just want it to sound graceful 
i tell you, it wasn't easy at the beginning. 
Business was slow
i thought of giving up already, a lot of suggestion from my sister, from my friends. but nothing seeems to work to boost up the sales
then i decided not to waste anymore stocks so i did preorder instead
and it grows from there. 
slowly batches after batches it increases gradually. 
Trust me, 
Open an instashop whenever you do an decided to open an online store.
Instagram HELPPPSS alot

Went back school as a choir member again

VERRRY funny to be disguising as a form five student when i'm suppose to be in university student already. 
I wasss so happy to get to wear my red choir skirt again. 
it is also the final year of Choir in Convent already, so sad our Choir teacher is going to retire soon and i don't think our Choir team will be the same after his retirement. 

Interview for USM, UM and UPM 
I didnt go for UPM because it was music and i was scared if i got into music, UM will not accept me in for Media, because between these two, only one can choose me. 

read the blog post here :

The start of my Panic Disorder

i thought it was caffeine attack, 
nahh it's just a disorder where i will go into this kind of " I CAN"T BREATH!! SAVE ME!!!" mode for about 20-30 minutes , three times a day. 
Some are pretty nasty i felt like i'm about to pass out. 
Some have weird effects like i cannot swallow my saliva, 
i cannot feel myself
heart pumping so fast you felt like it will stop anytime

it went on till September, i cannot imagine how i manage to pass everyday for four months of panic bickering mode like a bomb. 

from that day onward, i have stopped eating chocolates, or drink coffee or tea. 
don't let me taste any of that,i almost got that attack last month at a holiday after eating two sticks of Pepero. 

My sister got married!

First time attending a wedding ceremony in Sinapore. It wasn't a wedding to be exact, just a ROM ceremony. 
i ate like a pig

July: Passed 2 years with him

August: Got into USM and UM

I was pretty sure my heart is in USM the minute i got two offers. It became even more obvious when Dan got into USM too!
i didn't expect that ! i was expecting him to be shipped off to Sabah or Sarawak far from me 
it was the greatest news for me and him 
so i went packing for USM, to be closer to home (:

The Comm Gang Group was born 

first i added a few people whom i know got into Communication studies too in usm in a facebook group. 
Then more and more people start to add others and more and more people came flooding in . We chat non stop till the next morning. 
It was such an awesome and exciting feeling to know so many new people around that will be my coursemates  soon . 
then we decided to move to Whatsapp for convenient sake. 

The Comm Gang group was officially born~

University life

When you have soooooo many coursemates that celebrated your birthday :D
when you have soooo many coursemates to talk to
i dn't think three months is enough for me to know each and everyone of them haha
but i know all of us are VERRRY NOISY hahaaha, we're communication students after all. hahahaha

but i did a lot of university life post on my blog dy, so i'm not going to elaborate further here hahah~~

let's talk about the university :D

We get to wear as we like if we have no lectures to attend to . 
I heard some university don't permit students to wear shorts even going to the cafeteria to buy food . 
i felt abit lucky for myself, i think i will just die because i care about my outfit more than anything else. whahahaha

i drove in campus even though i'm just a first year student
i really think USM is really lenient haha, as long as you don't bocor you are first year student and park at the right place , it's fine

WHat to eat was always our question to one another. 
Even right before class starts, this question will pop out of nowhere, 
our answers were always the same 
Bali bali

i admit sometime i do feel left out, but  if i actually look back and reflect everything i had quite a blast. 
Our countdown , my car broke down, wahaha
our selfie battle with the selfie king, 
our constant feud with our own assignments 
staying up late till next morning
fighting for the bus
birthday celebrations
what more can i ask for :D

May this 2015 year be as colorful as 2014 (:

hopefully semester 2 will be a better one
I have decided to minor in Music despite being the oddball. 

Here's a selfie because i'm vain :P



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  3. Nice blog and love your clothings! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see more post on your blog :)

  4. Lovely recap Ann!

  5. You've gone through a lot of ups and downs! :o The panic disorder was a huge thing! Did you know the real cause of this? Or was it just your eating behavior?

  6. looks like 2014 was great i hope you 2015 would be better :)

  7. Great recap. Nice photos.

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