Friday, December 26, 2014

Make Up Revolution Malaysia review

Finally get to blog about a review after constantly updating about my uni life. haha
so anyway, today i'll be reviewing on Make Up Revolution Malaysia , which was launched in London in March 2014. And do you know how much is their price range for their make up products? 
it starts from Rm8 only for one lipstick (that's VERY affordable) and yes they provide all the make up products you can name of for your face, for your eyes, for your lips, for your brows and even though is based in London, it's provides range for all skin tone . 

The parcel were delivered just in time for my wedding dinner. i didn't know they will be giving me palettes too! wait till you see the picture below. 

no kidding right? the colors are just right for my liking. This is Make Up Revolution Iconic Palette 1 - Rm32 (so affordable, and let me tell you this it's quite the same as Naked Palette which cost even more)
they have three different iconic palettes for you to choose from 
you can see more here: 

testing testing
sorry i'm too dark you can't see much of the colors, but it's really very striking. 
i have yet to try on all colors of the palettes for my eyes, but i'll do it next post.

This will be my favorite of all the products. This is their focus and Fix brow Kit which is only rm19 (yet look very expensive right?) 
and they came together with eyebrow gel (all the more convenient for me) and a tiny tweezer . 
omygawd, i love this set so much, they even had a mirror there haha
it's like a 4-in-one combo altogether (wait til you see my finishing look below)

Next is their Power duo red lipstick lipgloss.
they have two ends, YES, one end is their lipgloss while the other end is this striking red lipstick . This is only rm24. At first i thought it was only the gloss, then as i pulled the other end, i was very surprised , out came another lipstick 
and it's my favorite shade ( i do not like dark color lipstick)

The other end is the lipgloss. The best thing of the lipgloss is that it has this shinny little thing that makes your lips glow. Imagine wearing it at night, and all that's glimmering in the dark is your sexy pout lips

so i tried it, blending it with the lipstick too
it gives that watery feeling on the lips which adds more subtle feel to soften up your lips
nobody like dry chapped lips right?
Check out their duo lipstick lipgloss range here

And then there is another type of lipstick they call it Make Up Revolution Amazing Lipstick (bliss)
this is pink (a bit doubtful to try this because pink does not suit my skin tone, will review on this next post together with their palette)

Tried all three lips product on my hand
I STIIILL love the duo lipstick lipgloss sooo much
and did i mention they have a quite fruity scent(is that the scent? i'm not really sure what scent is that) it smells nice not like some lipsticks which is made heavily with chemicals, you just can't stand the smell of it even if you applied it. 

incoming their Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin eyeliner
(yes, their product range is named "Awesome")
what is better than one eyeliner? is having TWO at one end, 
just imagine you just need to bring one eyeliner to create thick and thin lines on your eye

thin line at the end of my eye (using thin eyeliner (liquid))
color intensity ? 5/5
does it smudge? Nooo, it became one of my MUST bring eyeliners to uni now haha
i must say it is quite waterproof there is no complaint in this

Then i tried their thick eyeliner which is quite thick, it smudges a bit after that, so i stick with the thin eyeliner . 

My sister also had a go on the eyeliner
can see that the color intensity is REAALY dark, suitable for those who wanted the heavy look :D
and oh yessh she is wearing the duo Lipstick lipgloss too 
see how smoking hot her lips is haha

and this is the finishing look after using Make Up revolution:
1.Duo Lipstick lipgloss
2. Focus and fix brow Kit (fallen in love with this, i will buy a new set for myself after i'm done with this set)
3.Double Flick thin eyeliner

I tried to have a go on their palette (using their dark blue shades) to create somewhat a depth at the end of eyeline. 
okay, maybe i still need a little bit of practice on using it haha

Yes i really love Make up revolution seeing that the price is also affordable, what is there to complain when i have tried it and it's quite good :D
somehow i am very interested in their I HEART makeup line which has cuter and girlish packaging (gosh, you know i'm a big fan of blushers and this just rings at the right time)

If you're still in doubt of Make up revolution's ingredient (yes some might say  some products make up ingredients cannot be trusted, blah blah blah)
they have listed one by one down on their website to rest assure some of the customers :)


Disclaimer: These were given for REVIEW purpose only. All opinions are SINCERE and HONEST. 


  1. Looks like a nice brand!

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  2. those eyeshadows look really pretty

    from helen at

  3. Nice :)

  4. omg this makeup brand is so affordable! I feel like i heard its name somewhere before but I can't recall it >-< ♥ You look really pretty on these photos, Ann! I feel like you're getting prettier everyday >__<

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  5. I love the palette!! Merry Holidays!



  6. tutorial on how to use the eyebrow set? :D

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