Friday, October 17, 2014

My life in USM

i just realized i'm gone for soo long, like almost two weeks without updating my blog
this is NOT me, but then whom can i blame but myself. 
of course if i had all the time, i would do my course work and all those piles of homework instead of sitting here trying to edit my pictures and post it on blog. 
ages since i done any review
but i do not have any time for it
NO, no time at all

i've been sick for four days, fever, cough , flu , swollen , gosh, thank god i felt a lot better now after recovering all of it at home. 

okay here's a recapped of what's happening in my life
maybe to show how my university life been so far within one month :D

1. Celebrating my Birthday with my coursemates 

Never in my life i will get to picture me , celebrating with so many people whom i met just 24 days ago. Seriously, their commitment and effort to climb go Anjung Budi just to have a meal together is already the BIGGEST present i can ever ask for from them :D
and really thanks to my bff usm group members who willing to share out the birthday cake :D i even get to have a groupfie with our Dean of communication school, like so lucky hahaha
by the way, Choon video record the whole procedure, i was really really happy that he uploaded it even though my face looks like a happily inflated balloon. but it's such a great memory, i was so glad he recorded it :D

thanks to all my coursemates, especially to my bff usm group , they're are like my family till now :D so happy to be able to belong to a clique, i don't have to feel alone
yes, my biggest fear is to be left alone.

and you won't believe what happen the day before
it was around 11.45pm, i was at somewhere going for a performance rehearsal, Dan told me he is going out supper with his big butt friend and ask me if i want anything. 
I said i want egg toast, he came down from the car with a bouquet of flower behind him and gave it to me INFRONT OF 20-40 strangers who were there for the rehearsal
omygawdd! really this is the most romantic thing he ever did for me HAHAHAH
thanks for the surprise :D


so ya, my bff usm consist of Wilfred, Shekinah, Danelle, Amanda, Susu, Adrienna, Ah boon, Choon, Juee , Cholea, Hueyfern, Andrew, newest member: Jessie and Bernard. 
i really wish that we will still be like together for these whole four years
seriously, if there's any conflict or things we dislike of others among us, i hope we can talked it out , confront each other so that we won't have that dislike feeling which will cause us to distant ourselves .hopefully we will turn out well

3. USM Library  
i tell you, nothing beats usm library every lunch hour. 
It's more of our daily routine . After morning class, we have about three hours break before the next class starts, so after lunch, our usual routine will be going to the library and finish whatever homework we need to hand up within that week
well of course, most of us would just go there and chat and then sleep on the floor (no kidding, there's a section for us to sit in japanese style , but ended up a few will just lay on the floor and doze off)

we have two HUGE libraries but we like to go to the new building (pic above) because of one particular section where we can lay on the floor, LOL. 
and most probably the old library is more strict (don't know why, but they check everything on you from head to toe like i'm some kind of a criminal)

4. Hanging out 

Before i brought my car to USM, Danelle is the one fetching us around to eat and everything. First she brought us to Farlin night market which , seriously , I LOVEEEEEEE the place. so many food, my god, i never seen such delicacies before too. Then there's sushi bonanza and we went out to eat too for lunch :D
then there's all those touch and go hawker stores she brought us to

see so many girls squeezing into her car
i can still remember our topic for  that day 
mainly consisted of Danelle's daily rant on her poop and our poops.

really thank her for driving us around, so sweet of her nia hahahaha

okay la, paiseh me in all these pictures really damn ugly to the max, like some aunty going pasar malam only 
so i really want to thanks Amanda for that day too. Amanda and Susu live inside campus, which is VERRRY , not even VERY, but SUPER far for them to actually purposely come all the way to outside campus just to take me out for lunch. 
So it's really quite touching to get a phone call from Amanda when she heard that i have no idea what to eat for lunch that day.  Sze Houng had already driven out to my hostel to fetch me out for lunch together. That feeling ah, for being even remembered by someone, is really really really touching lah..omygawd , and when i'm sick Amanda even delivered porridge to my hostel T_T can you imagine how far it is to actually come all the way to my hostel marhh
walau really damn touch lah weyy~i have to remember you for life dy hahaha

When i'm sick. haha
My roommate is like my nurse, she went down to get milo for me, Amanda get porridge for me, Chun Yee (my big butt friend) fetch me go see doctor and then out of the blue , Suet Yee gave me a souvenir . 
i'm easily elated with small little things that happen around me
seriously, that day for the first time, i'm glad i'm sick
don't kill me

and then this was a really throwback picture. haha, i really miss going out with that feeling . That day we actually went out for 7 hours in the same mall searching for Wilfred's outfit and Juee's shoes. 
then we ended up shopping for hats and we each bought ourselves a cap 
well, i guess now we do not have time anymore ):
we have so many assignments and Wang Wang's weekly homework, gah!

5. Assignment group 

What's the best bonding time with your friends?
yup, through group assignment discussion. This is our very first presentation for Dr Shu's class. We were so pleased after the presentation that we went to take a shoe-fie after that

We are all from hostels outside campus so it's easy for us to meet :D

6. Events and Clubs

Japanese event! haha i get to dressed up in kimono (original kimono lah, not the fashion type haha) and then they have loads of props for us to snap pictures
all for free!
so nice and they have station games and all that, plus i enjoy shopping at a booth that only sells each apparel for rm25 only haha. 

with Tian Ci, a very shy coursemate whom is incharge of the event too. 

and then i joined the wanderers . 
It's a music composing club outside of campus (but still in charge by USM students) this beats Jazz Band, serious. With all the freedom you got to express yourself with songs you own create. 
Plus they are giving music lessons , i've already signed up for drum and guitar lessons with only rm10 for one whole year. SO Bloody cheap i wan cry. hahahaha
plus, people are so friendly , i already passed my first band performance with my group members :D there's really no stress in joining this, so ya, it beats jazz band, i am so glad i dropped it (please don't kill me)

the only con side is that it is 90% chinese oriented, which means their songs and all are in chinese.
It'll be a challenge for me seeing that i am half a banana, lol!

i didn't join AISEC as i am sick on the day they held the interview.
Dan got it, oh yay! lucky him haha

and i joined Coffee hour! an informal club that teaches Korean Language by Korean students. i can admit that my friends are all over the boys there 
don't pull the trigger at me please ._. 
but i might pull out from this society , i don't know
i feel like language is not really my thing, and i'm not there to see boys hahaha

well, so far this is what i've got 
actually there's more, but i just love to elaborate it if i got pictures. 
so sorry for leaving my blog empty for almost three weeks
i'll be back soon, i promised!



  1. wooo! glad that u love ur uni life! u seems to enjoy alot! jia you!

  2. seems like everything is going smoothly (?) with your life. you look happy with everything that's going on. that's great. :)) belated happy birthday! :D

    xoxo, rae

  3. Gorgeous burgundy top!!!

  4. Looks like you have a great time there! Totally love the first and the last picture! :)

  5. I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell, although it looks as though you've been really busy lately so it's not all bad! :) I love the burgundy top on you and that's a really pretty photo :)


  6. we can understand the difficulty of juggling university and blogging, but obviously your schooling takes precedence!! an't wait to read more once you start blogging more regularly though :)


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