Tuesday, September 23, 2014

short post ~

i'm busy like a horse
don't ask me why, i also spent money like water, but i try to think of my parents each time i wanted to indulge myself with something ho chiak yet so expensive, then i just shrink away and order something cheap instead
but then there's so many things to spend on, my daily breakfast, books, notes to photostat, join this and that event need entrance fee, food is not cheap (unless i walk back all the way to my hostel just for lunch then walk all the way back to campus to attend class again, which will be exhausting so i ate inside campus)
so now i'm downloading this budget money app in my phone so that i can keep track of how much i used (inspired by Hueyfern cuz she always jot down what she spent on on her handphone haha)


i have awesome friends though!
didn't know before we even met, we already manage to clique into each other, and talked like old friends
so when we meet each other, there's no reason why we are still so distant away from each other

*picture taken at our first day out to queensbay mall to watch Maze Runner*


well i think friends are really important when you go to university
they are all you got and i really do want to find a true and loyal friendship here. 
you see they be around you all the time, and they'll be just like your family 
and we can care for each other all the time
friends are important!

i can say i hardly see my boyfriend at all, haha only some night when we go down for dinner together, or if i ever bump into him in any corridor i just say hi to him like mutual friends (okay lah nothing to worry about we already 2 years, *consoling myself*)
so ya i can say even my boyfie around at campus too, friends ARE still important

Here's a last pic to end my post
i finally search through the mailing system in usm already
and get to know that poslaju is quite near 
(skynet quite far which is still a bummer if i have to go pick up my things)
so i'm starting my online business back again this 1st of october 
because i REALLY need pocket money
(this time not for the sake of occupying my time, my time slot is packed like sardine except night which i have to use it for studying)

cheers to another day of busyness tomorrow
btw, it's my birthday tomorrow
and my timetable is full
boyfie actually have to go Pulau Jerejak for project work
i can predict a lousy birthday tomorrow 
oh well~



  1. I know how you feel about spending saving money, it's so hard! The app is a really great idea. Have a great week!


  2. wooo! ur business is starting soon! i need to save money for the kimono! anyway! Happy Birthdayyy! and yeah. friends are important, so slowly see clearly to find one trustable friend. :)

  3. hope you are still recording your expenses! that's a good way for financial planning!
    But still discipline is the main thing to keep you recording and review at the end of the month.
    then you will know where could be lesser. besides, don't just save in bank, go for investment too! ;)

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