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(Giveaway) Egyptian Magic all purpose Skin Cream from Natta Cosme

hello guys!
so sorry for the lack of updates recently 
been dealing with loads of panic attacks ~
anyway! today i'll be back again to introduce you the ever popular magic cream that are so widely popular among netizens. 

it's the Egyptian Magic Cream from Natta Cosme~
once again am greeted with a pretty box and  very creative deco item to make the product even more attractive. 
(that is what make Natta Cosme so special compare to other beauty online store)

*don't panic yet, read my review before seeing how you can enter this giveaway to stand a chance to win sample packs of Egyptian Magic Cream from natta Cosme

see! this is what i say so pretty just to pack a few cards inside (: 
this magic cream is an all purpose cream, 
which contains all natural ingredients which you can use it anywhere you like!
i can't believe my eyes when they say you can also use it on your pets 
it is a daily maintenance use for anywhere head to toe, and very economical too, because just a small swap, you can use it plentiful on large area

all the lovely print out cards to get to know this cream better

all those little tips to make you use the cream wisely
tip 1 : for hygienic reason, seperate the cream into a few jars if you are going to use it for your hair, face and body
tip 2: use appropriate amount on the area with gentle massage to absorb and heal the area faster. 

[ Direction ]
Normal usage
1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.
2. Follow by toner.
3. Take out around (1-2 drop size of 20cents), using your finger and palm to gently rub the balm and apply onto your desired area (face area).
4. Slowly massage and dap into your skin. It will absorb less than 5 seconds.
5. Use for day and night.
** usage varies from individual.
** dry skin users can apply more of em cream.
** oily skin and/or combination skin also recommended to use with appropriate amount.
** for scar healing users, please dap appropriate amount on the scar area follow with gentle massage to absorb and heal the scar faster. (wish harry potter can use it for his scar too haha)

Whitening method
* this is a whitening massage and mask method.
1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.
2. Follow by toner and wait after 2 min start the whitening method step.
3. Apply around 50 cents coin size all over the face and neck area.
4. gently massage the whole face with your finger and palm. If you want to lighten your acne scar may spend more time to massage on specify area.
5. After massage, use a warm temperature wet cloth facial towel to cover the whole face for 5 mins.
6. Discard the wet towel and cleanse away the excessive cream on the face.
Make up base method
** This method is raved by Hollywood make up artist Gucci Westman.
** Apply thin layer of EM Cream all over the face before putting foundation.
** You will find your make up able to last whole day long.
Body massage method
** EM Cream can replace any of your body base oil to do body massage.
** Mixed with your desired favor aroma oil with EM Cream for body massage will improve your skin elasticity, firming and toning as well.
** Apply hair end of hair wash. Able to repair split end, moisture hair end, repair damaged hair
Shaving method
** Apply before shaving will help in reducing the sensitiveness and redness after shaved.
** Apply after shaving to protect the fragile shaved area.

Everywhere! omygawdd
though i don't think i would ever use it on my body (because it is already oily as it seem) my body is really dehydrating and very lackluster at time.  did i mention i have slight eczema on my arm too? so i be so glad to use this cream on my body! (: 

all the natural ingredient 
it is suitable for sensitive skin too (:

skin moisturizer, makeup remover, diaper rash, skin rash, clear up foot odor chicken pox, stretch marks, athletes foot, sun and wind moisture protection
(NOT A SUNSCREEN), aromatherapy, essential oils, fungus, hemorrhoids, vaginal moisturizer, vaginal cream, cold sores, chapped lips, dry skin, itchy skin,
cracked skin, ashy skin, massage lotion, massage oil, shaving cream for legs and face, after-shave cream for legs and face, relief from razor bumps, dry scalp,
itchy scalp, "hair tamer", hot oil hair treatment, surgical incisions, skin irritations, eczema, scars, tattoo, pets/animals: dogs cats horses, help to prevent pregnancy stretch marks 
The actual product!
RM89.90 for 59ml 
(mind you it's worth the money when all the best ingredient is inside) 

and when you think of Nefertiti and Cleopatra having smooth and glowing skin, you would want this . haha

inside of the jar, yes my first thought was o.o
okay i sort of used it already haha, it was pretty oily at first touch, 
VERY oily when apply

before : applied : after 
(quite smooth right the outlook of it)
at first it was too oily for my liking, i thought maybe this is suitable for those living at four seasons country where you can use it during cold days where you won't look like a grease ball, 
but be patient, 
after massaging it and letting it absorb fully into the skin, 
it's VERY smooth and moist (in a good way though)
i bet our boyfriend would never grow tired holding our hands after that
*sly smile*

okay, now i am more interested in their make up removing power effect
how can a cream remove make up nih?
first time i hear lah, but i know that MOST oil base liquid or cream can work as make up remover
so let's see if it DOES really do it's wonder: 
result below : (sorry i look like a gorilla here with all my hairs around gah! )

okay just use a cotton pad wipe it off after you had apply this magic cream
and it works like magic
your make up is permanently gone


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Stand a chance to win Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream sample pack
giveaway ends on 15th of July 
so hurry hurry

for more information on this product and where to get them 


i used it on my lips too!
so i can't stop snapping selfie so here you go 


  1. waaa. so yeng want this cream? can use for so many purpose?

  2. Looks great! X

  3. I hope you're ok girl! Panic attacks are the worse >__<
    Your post reminded me how Egyptian Magic used to be so hyped about a few years ago!
    Thank you for the giveaway by the way :)

  4. That Egyptian Magic cream seems like magic!! Wow.. look at all the uses for the face and hands!! If only we had that in Canada.. I don't think I can enter the giveaway since it's most likely in Malaysia, right?:( good luck to everyone else though! :P

    Chic Nikkie


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