Friday, April 5, 2013

tea garden with the babes and dudes

owkay, at first it was just our gathering for our old friends back in convent . Gosh i miss nicole and chiu yee loads and loads, so i and yong decided to meet up yesterday with them at this Tea Garden which provides us all sorts of board games and cards to play while we have our snacks there. 
of course we wouldn't miss out on their bottomless french fries! we refill the bowl five times each!

but then as time goes by, more and more of our kolej babes and dudes came over and heck yeah, i keep disappearing here and there to each different tables. 
the whole place was pack, and guess i spent my whole time with the camera running around to snap pictures.

me with chiu yee and yong. Chiu Yee did a great improvement! last time she wouldn't even wan to be inside ANY picture! at least now she decided to take a picture!


but anyway, i don't like their dessert. Blackball was way better (i think i still prefer blackball even if i have to compare it with Snowflakes)
besides, their topping is limited and well, there's no taste in it and the creamer doesn't help either. 
at least their food was okay .
i guess

back with the kolej people.
See the spotlight on the right side of the picture? Dan was flashing his torch light to help make the picture brighter. 
Dan, don't you know darker pictures make that person look slimmer?

shiyun (which is like 3/4 head taller than me) , esther and xintong.

what kind of pose was that!
anyway i wore my new Kitschen shirt with my NewLook body con skirt. 
hopefully i pair it well.

the dudes~~
yar, don't ask me why is there a giant at the left side towering most of them. HAHA

one last finishing picture!

well, at least i skip dinner by eating dessert. 
does that make me any thinner?

ps: my thigh, oh my thigh, 
      why you soo fat 
     why you look like elephant's leg?
     anybody had any cool exercise to work out for fat thigh??


  1. i hope you enjoyed those time!!! nice!!!!!

  2. cute photos :D

  3. Im following you back now!:)


  4. you totally do NOT have fat thighs!! and this looks like such a fun get together with friends- I especially love all the board games.

    Also, as for braiding my bangs, here's a video tutorial on how to do it. It's super easy!:

    xo Marlen
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  5. Love the pics, Ann. Looks like you had a grand time (: And you look so fit, you should not worry, but you could try running/jogging/treadmill/cycling if you want toned thighs...That's what I'm working on too!! I really want to lose a lot of weight :D

    PS; We're following each other on gfc, but I heard it was closing soon ): So I was wondering could we follow each other on bloglovin and google plus too? I already followed you on bloglovin, let me know if you have google plus so I can follow you there too ^_^

    google plus-
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    Have a great evening!


  6. Love these pictures. You and your friends have such cute style.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and enter my latest giveaway. I will be picking 3 winners.


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