Friday, April 12, 2013

The randomness of my boring yet meaningful life

Ann Tan
i've been thinking of changing my blog domain since last few months ago but couldn't have the guts to change it because it feels like it will be from scratch to build up my readers again. 
but seriously, i think some of us struggle trying to pronounce my blog domain at first sight, it would take a few seconds to atcualy figure out that my blog name was  FATIGUE CHIC. 

i put that name because back when i'm 16 (when i started blogging) i was just this sick and weak girl who constantly have this monthly dizziness (those kind where my whole body went cold , and i will sweat, i will feel numb and i couldn't breathe properly)

so fatigue was the right way to describe me that time, right now, i rarely have to battle with all that anymore. 
(i've gained weight, eat healthily and my face become a replica size of a flatten pancake)

my unpublished photo that i dig out from my facebook !
me with my lovely riends. 
and that was my latest picture of my super incredible broom-look-alike hair. 
it's so freaking long now that it's really not appropriate to keep it that long since it's sooo hot at where i'm staying. 
i tie my hair all the time since then, but i can still feel the tail of my hair all over my neck, it still make me sweat.
i wanted a great perm again since i successfully grew my hair thick and long enough for it. 
sadly, each time i bring up that i wanna have a perm, my mum would just give me that kind of look

love how my teeth looks like here
never regret doing braces! 
nah -uh!
i still remember i used to cry each time i went to the dentist. i even told my mum "i rather be ugly than to go through this pain!"
that was like 6 years ago.
and i was glad that i brave myself to endure it and i have great results after that. 
so, i really advice people to do braces if they have improper set of teeth because braces is really no big deal! it's not like what you picture (a gore scene where the dentist started pulling your teeth and you picture your teeth moving stubbornly with blood spilling and acid pouring over your teeth)

goodnes, no, it's a slow process you wouldn't even know your teeth are moving, the acid was mild enough to be friendly inside your mouth. 
it's not that painful as it seems.

my before and after picture.
12 years old me, i just realize i have natural sort-of curl but well, i'm still a straight-head.
no make up and edit for my 18 years old picture to show the exact difference of me. 

i have great fun playing with this AGING BOOTH for androids!
this is me in another 50 years!!
haha, i don't think i will look exactly like that in the next 50 years! i bet all my hair would be white or worst, i'll be bald by then!

i even played the FATBOOTH!
look how fat i am !!
okay, a constant reminder for myself, i'll be this if i don't stop eating all the time!
i've been eating loads and loads recently. curse the good food ! haha

three weeks ago picture! new friends at a steamboat corner!
my friend, shue tin give me this wonderful idea and resolution for this year. She loves making friends, and she started counting how many friends she had made last year. 
it got me thinking that maybe i should really try to broaden up my friend circle too!
is just that i'm SUPER shy!! and akward all the time! i couldn't even have a proper one-to-one conversation with anybody! but i counted how many new friends i have made last year. since i went to a new school, i made more than 40 new friends. 

me and my sister.
are we alike?
anyway, been trending SOUNDCLOUD! a non-video type of youtube. 
HAHA just click through it and you get the picture!
i have three covers in total. 
click through it!!



  1. Good to know you're healthy now ^_^ I love your hair mines all frizzy and damaged so i had to chop it..but im thinking of growing it back again :D

    And I'm already following you on gfc, but i disabled it. because its shutting down soon ): thats why i think you have to upgrade to google+ and start adding people there...!

  2. Hahahha wow so much has changed for you but I would think keep the domain cause it builds you up to who and where you are today, but that's just totally my humble opinion ^^

    It shows how you have battle through that stage of life and now you are strong, independent and most importantly, healthy! I don't think you have a pancake face <3 You have a really lovely face ^^

    Whoa 6 years time and you grew lots, I think you look much nicer than 6 years back =P And that aging booth is scary! I will never take that! Hahahhaa I have the Fat Booth app too! Awesomee! >D

    I've followed you on GFC before so this time I am following you on BlogLovin instead, incase GFC really decides to disappear :<

    Keep writing!


  3. No worries about being super shy dear! Just enjoy life, have fun, meet friends. :) Take care always Ann! :)

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  4. You're so gorgeous! You take really pretty pictures (:
    omg, I said that to my mom too when I first started braces. I was crying that it hurt and she asked, "Would you rather go through pain and become beautiful in the end, or not go through pain and keep ugly teeth?"

    I said that I'd rather be ugly, hah! I'm now done with braces, and love my teeth haha ~

    Definitely following, looking forward to your future posts! <3

    Cherry Jade

  5. your hair is gorgeous, i love it long! i can see how annoying it is when it's hot. and it's good to know you don't get dizzy anymore, that must have been scary!

    xo Marlen
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