Monday, January 26, 2015

Short update

I've been really busy
i'm so so sorry! even though semester break suppose to be some sort of resting weeks for me, but no! i am NEVER free

okay so i have 3 reviews pending (gosh! really really damn sorry to my sponsors, but they given me a dateline, i think i am still in time to post)

2 batches of goods to dispatch and pack for my online shop
(i am prone to get panic at small stuff, so ya, if i delay even 1 day to ship out my customers' goods, i will blame myself for being irresponsible, so yes, i am very kin cheong that type, so everything must be punctual and perfect)

so actually i have only two things to do 
: my BLOG and my SHOP

which doesn't sum up to a pretty hectic life right?
but i tell you, time DOES pass very fast,
i've been busy with my shop things lately (CNY is coming, orders rushing like mad, like pasar malam)

and okay, i admit, i still have to time to go travelling. 
but i realize, 
vacation is not at all relaxing, in fact all those unpacking packing process can kill you
not only that, you have to drive here drive there, 
think of food, keep keluar duit, keluar energy 
so okay, unless i just go on a trip where i don't have to bother about this, i guess i'm pretty comfortable sitting at home playing pokemon 

so okay, here's one last VAIN pic for this post
ain't no time!
ain't no time! i wish i can buy time, but nooo i can't
and yessss Dan told me that he is going swimming once every two day and i'm determine to get my swimming body after sem break (which is a pretty hard resolution seeing that cny is near and you have all those good food waiting for you)

i'm not a lazy blogger, i just had NO TIME
~currently won't accept any product review unless it has something to do with Valentine's Day~ wahahaha




  2. You can do this! :) I believe in you and you look so pretty~~

  3. you look great in these pics
    I understand, uni is soo stressful

  4. OMG I feel you! I'm also busy with my blog and online shop and when you say it, it doesn't seem like much, but seriously, time passes SO QUICK! It's like I'm working so hard, but hardly get any work done at all! LOL


  5. Great pictures. Love your dress



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