Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dresswe Beautiful Cheap bridesmaid dresses and shoes

If i am ever a bridesmaid one day, i be dressing till my best, of course not going to over shine the bride (that's rude) 
but i think what makes a bridesmaid stand out and YET not over shine the bride is to dress
therefore i am here to review on some beautiful dresses on Dresswe, a renowned fashion website in China

Dresswe provides hundreds of dedicated products for global buyers.  buyers are from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, totaling to over 230 countries worldwide. We also boast over 10 million product listings from our factory. On dresswe.com, international buyers can purchase a wide range of products at very low pricesCustomers can also enjoy custom made dresses (getting ur own one of a kind dress, that's simply amazing (: )

All the dresses they are selling are made from the top quality materials and go through rigorous inspection. They have an Elite team with professional skills and unlimited creativity in dressmaking.

dresswe.com offers a quick-and-easy online purchasing process in addition to offering all of their clients a dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team. Our tried and tested Trust Marketing and PayPal payment processes guarantee a safe and secure purchasing environment. Unlike their competitors, dresswe.com has truly taken out the hassle of international trade—from product sourcing, secure payment and shipping. Since its establishment, dresswe has seen accelerating growth rate in a number of business indicators, including year-to-year gross merchandising value, number of orders, registered buyers and sellers, and listings.

This is one of my FAVORITE of all 
first, it flaunts the beautiful waistline of yours, 
and with that touch of lace at the top, it just makes a plain dress looks sophisticated . 
This dress is on the top of  my list right now, i am hoping i have the height to wear it off :D haha

nothing could go wrong with a strapless maxi elegant gown that is pastel blue in color
Dresswe had again , successfully impress me on their wonderful and exquisite design 

how about those with legs to kill? in my country where it's hot and humid, i think people are longing for dresses above the knee. I find this dress kind of special because of the top part, it's not like any other plain design. 

okay, i got to admit that i am a sucker for BLUE
they say blue suits my skin color, and blue never goes wrong in any occasion . 
i like this dress because not only it's in an appropriate length, it looks elegant too at the hemline
Dresswe are selling all these in a very low price (free shipping for orders above 169 USD)

not only that, they are selling SHOES too. 

big love for this!
Every girl's weakness when it comes to any wedding occasion 
i am deeply impressed with this shoe offered in Dresswe.com 
it looks really pretty isn't it?

but this is my favorite of all if i were to be a bridesmaid. 
i love that strap around the ankle because that strap can lengthen ur legs
i have been observing people legs while they are wearing this kind of shoes haha

by the way , Dresswe delivery time is not that long, just 2-5 days to major cities
that's like SO express
do check out their wonderful sites



  1. Beautiful dresses!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Cute dress!


  3. The first one is my fave :)

  4. Beautiful dresses!

  5. cute dresses! would love to see you review one of these dresses :)

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