Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sunday Mania at Flamingo Hotel

"Where to eat for tomorrow ah?" This is the question i frequently ask everyday especially on weekend where i wish i can eat something better than the ordinary daily meal. I've been craving a lot of local food lately ever since i came back from Taiwan (will blog about it soon :D) 

So, we went to Flamingo Hotel which offered a perfect Sunday Lunch Buffet called Sunday Mania where they offer a wide range of appetizer, Salad, soup, action dish and stalls, hot dishes and desserts. Best of all, it caters for all ages even for senior citizens too. 

 The first thing i saw as i walked down the stairs was the row of stalls with their ready chefs ready to cook something good for you.

 Sunday Mania starts from 12.30pm-2.30pm 
Adult: Rm39.90 Nett
Child: RM29.90 Nett
The special part is that those 60 years old and above is able to get it at low price which is RM29.90 Nett

There is also a spin and win wheel where if you spent rm100 and above, you get to spin this wheel for free. If you look closely, you can stand a chance to win a one night stay. 

 We were seated next to the swimming pool. The view had already brought us in good mood together. Everything was serene and beautiful outside.

 The whole area can contain about 250 guests, so don't worry if the place is crowded, there are plenty of seats for you. 
They had a really wide selection of food and even had a kid's corner which kids get to use a special kid utensils for serving. 
Not only that, they do also provide vegetarian food for vegetarian.

Here are some of the Hot Dishes

"Kuzi" boiled egg. Which was slightly spicy but just nice for my taste. 

 Everything was properly heated to make sure the food are not cold when the guest. Not to mention, there is a chef who constantly open the lid to check the condition of the food. Very well prepared and profesionally taken care of. 

 Stir fried glass noodles with chive and chili shrimps paste

              Baked fish fillet of fish belle meuniere with risi bisi rice which is one of my favorite dish from the hot dishes. 


 This is another corner for kids which i think is also a special corner for this Sunday Mania session. No worries ,even adults like me is able to get the food here. 
They had all sorts of porridge here, Four types for those who is picky, they can choose whichever type they want for their porridge. 


 Our table. I am happy they do have pizza too. Haha. 
They even cater two type of soups and one is for vegetarian as well. 

More food, Action dish and stall, desserts, salad dressing and pickles.

 When you think food is already enough inside the dinning area, there is another row of food section outside near the pool. There is just too many foods that i am unable to eat all. In this long row of tables were salads. 
Even for salads, they have so much to offer. Tomatoes, beet root, red cabbage, carrots, romance lettuce, mixed green with thousand island, italian dressing and french dressing to choose.

 Another local delight, Rojak. 

The containers for pickles that include Capers, Ghekin, pited black olives, corn kennel, cherry tomatoes and also pickle fruits.


 Mee Goreng and Rebus.  
Best thing about Action dish and stalls is that your food will not be left cold. Everything will be cooked after you ordered. I had never seen so many action stalls in one buffet. They had so many, (Make sure you walk till the end and turn left because there are a few stalls hidden from the section)

Penang Seafood Char Koey Teow in action. The highlighted dish as well because guests are able to tryout this local delight. I see many people queuing up for this.

 I was also surprised to see this too. Penang Lam Mee 

 A variety of local desserts, a place where my mum would love digging in. Bubur Pulut Hitam and Gandum & Kacang Hijau.

 They even had PASTA! YOu can choose whether to have it with chicken bolognaise sauce or concasse sauce. 

Just when i think there are no more stalls, i saw another one that makes "Roti Canai" "Roti Tissue" and "Roti Bom" served with their delicious dhal curry. 
This stall was also greeted with many guest as their "Roti Bom" was highly ordered.

 Penang Asam Laksa

This is my boyfriend's self made cake with ice-cream. We saw a whole tray of chocolate moist cake and i suggested that it would taste even better if we scoop their ice-cream and eat it together. He even took some fruits with it and it taste really good. 

Outside scenery. 

 They even had free Henna. They will try to put up new activities every week to keep the guest occupied especially the kids too. They will have sand painting activity too.

Me with Mr. Zack, assistant F&B Manager of Flamingo Hotel. 
Thanks for the hospitality. 

List of Buffet in Flamingo Hotel

Overall, we enjoy the lunch there. There were so many food that is worth your money to pay for. It is quite friendly for senior citizens and also for kids too. With less than RM40 you can eat a lot of food that you crave for. From western to asian food, with great scenery to accompany for your meal, is a great spot for your Sunday lunch.

Speical thanks to Mr. Zack, Assistant F&B Manager of Flamingo Hotel and Racheal Loh, Founder of Foodilifecious

Sunday Mania Buffet Lunch
Time: 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Venue: Tanjong Bungah, 11200, Tanjong Bungah, Pulau Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, Flamingo Cafe. 

Adult: RM39.90 nett
Kids: RM29.90 nett
Senior Citizen: RM29.90 nett

For reservations
Call: 04-8927111 


  1. The food!

  2. Seems like a great place to dine, dear! Glad you posted again as well :) This makes me wanna go have buffet now.

    How are you now? Hope you're doing well. You know, I just recently got back from long blog hiatus and have just redesigned my blog. Now I'm writing again and reconnecting with long time blogger friends like you. Hope you're ok dear! Keep in touch!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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